Wednesday, October 1, 2014

About Last Night by T. Paulin [Review]

About Last Night by T. Paulin
About Last Night (Ghost Hackers #1) by T. Paulin
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: June 19, 2014

Ghost Hackers
1. About Last Night - Kindle
2. Bring on the Poltergeists
3. Call of the Wild

T. Paulin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In a city with a minority zombie population, anything can happen. Maybe a guy with a microchip in his brain can become a hero.

Eli Carter is a delivery driver in a dead-end career and a crowded apartment. He also has a chip in his head that prevents him from lying.

When he meets Khan Hart, a self-proclaimed necromancer/exorcist, Eli's very ordinary life begins to unravel. First, he is visited by something that goes bump in the night, then it tries to kill him a few times.

Now Eli must team up with Khan, face down his fears, and kick the butt of one very strange ghost.

Welcome to Ghost Hackers, the series. Readers will be given entertainment and/or space rabies.

WARNING: This book is suitable for older teens and adult humans with a sense of humor. There's no mushy sex or swearing, but there is some violence, gross situations, and general mayhem.
Thoughts on About Last Night: Overall, I liked the funky, offbeat feel of this book. However, I really kinda hated Eli's girlfriend. I disliked her so much I've blocked her name from my memory. I'm, like, 18% sure it's Brenda, but... don't quote me on that.

Seriously, though, the way I feel for her is the way people feel about dictators. Or clowns. Or dictator clowns. Which is a terrifying thought. Imagine being given a picture of your dictator clown and being told you have to display it at all times or you're going to be given a virulent case of space rabies. *shudder* I'd actually rather take the space rabies.

What was I talking about again? Oh, right. The dictator girlfriend. I didn't like her.

I did like Eli. And Khan. And possibly Valentine. Although, I kinda feel like we need to get to know her better before I commit to that. The point is other than the dictator girlfriend (who totally doesn't believe Eli has a chip in his head. Pfft. See what I mean? She's a shrew.), I liked the characters. They're weird. They're offbeat. They threaten to give people space rabies.

Oh, they also do that little exorcism thing. Kinda.

I'm curious about the zombies (by the by, the story Eli remembered about the time he visited the zombies and what his one friend was put through on that excursion gave me a case of the crazy eyes. o.O O.O O.o) and how Eli fits into all of that. I feel like we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this guy and we're going to find out plenty more about him down the road.

Here's to hoping he loses the dictator girlfriend first!


  1. OK, I'll read the series but will mentally shoot the dictator girlfriend from my head ;)