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Claimed by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

Claimed by Lindsay Buroker
Claimed (Flash Gold #4) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: June 26, 2014

Flash Gold
1. Flash Gold
2. Hunted
3. Peacemaker
4. Claimed - Kindle
5. Liberty

Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
After years on the hunt, Cedar Kartes is finally within striking distance of Cudgel Conrad, the criminal who slew his brother and framed him for murder. With the help of Kali McAlister, his business partner and the woman he’s mustering the courage to court, he believes he can finally rid the world of a bloodthirsty felon.

But nothing is ever easy in the Yukon. The new police commissioner has taken an interest in Cedar’s checkered past, a suspicious newspaperman is trying to make friends with Kali, and Cudgel may be laying traps for Cedar even as Cedar is trying to trap him.
Thoughts on Claimed: Man, I love this series. Cedar and Kali aren't the most forthcoming individuals... or, well, I guess it's more that they do well enough when they're dealing with their various projects (Kali's gadgets and Cedar's quest for revenge), but they're not as good at personal relationships.

Honestly, those two are going to be dynamite together once the stars align and they make their move. I mean, they rock NOW and they're still trying to figure things out. Relationship things. Future things. Look at me, I'm getting all flaily handed thinking about how they dance around one another as they try to find their groove.

I kind of adore the entire world Lindsay Buroker has created. Mechanicals and magic and bounty hunters who are willing to take a long hard look at what that life is doing to them. Cedar admires Kali's quick mind and her ability to adapt to situations. Kali's guarded and doesn't share parts of herself easily. And it works. It works so well.

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