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Gun Shy by Eleri Stone [Review]

Gun Shy by Eleri Stone
Gun Shy (Reaper #2) by Eleri Stone
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 22, 2014

1. Reaper's Touch
2. Gun Shy - Kindle

Eleri Stone
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Before the cure, Lieutenant Lyle Dalton's job was simple: kill the Reapers. Now, under orders to inject all captured flesh eaters with the serum that restores their humanity, his Rangers at Fort Dougan face entirely new dangers. Someone wanted the Reaper cure badly enough to spill blood for it, and Lyle needs to steal it back if he hopes to hold the border.

Jane Fisher escaped Scraper crime boss Gideon Moore with only the clothes on her back. What he took from her can never be replaced, but her new home at Fort Dougan is the first safe one she's known. Or was, until the remaining supply of serum was stolen, flown high into the mountains on Gideon's command. Serving as Lyle's guide through Scraper territory means revisiting her own personal hell, but it's also an opportunity—for closure or revenge, Jane isn't quite sure.

Beautiful, proud and haunted, Jane is a temptation Lyle's worked hard to avoid. The mountains are the last place she needs to be. But if Jane can find the courage to face down a man like Gideon for the sake of the fort, no force on earth will keep Lyle from her side.
Thoughts on Gun Shy: I completely love the idea that Reapers/zombies can be given their humanity back. And the problems that arise for the Rangers because of this. Instead of killing them all willy-nilly, they now have to capture them and do what they can to help them.

Difficult under the best circumstances. The fact Reapers will be trying to EAT THEM as they try to help adds to an already dangerous situation.

Anyway. Lyle. I like the guy. I really do. His reaction (or lack of one because he's REALLY GOOD at hiding how much he wanted Jane) to Jane's continued pursuit of fellow Ranger Cam kinda slayed me. I wasn't sure how things were going to play out and was pleasantly surprised as secrets were revealed and Lyle's desires began to shine through.

Meanwhile, those secrets... Jane sure had them. Her devastation at what had happened before she fled to Fort Duggan was totally founded. The lady went through a lot and she managed to survive and thrive despite it. Sure, she was a wee bit damaged, but she found her place and made things work for her.

I LOVED getting to revisit Jake and Abby's relationship. Watching tough Abby trying to play nice with the city folk was... enlightening. The hints (sometimes more than hints) of corruption in the higher-ups was chilling.

I really REALLY like the worldbuilding we were given. From the Reapers and Rangers to those who want to exploit them in different ways, it's never a dull moment. *thumbs up*

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