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Frozen by Meljean Brook [Review]

Frozen by Meljean Brook
Frozen by Meljean Brook
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: September 24, 2014

Meljean Brook
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
For a year and a half, Olivia Martin has tried to forget Erik Gulbrandr, the glacial man who’d scorched her mouth with a single kiss. But when Olivia finds herself snowbound with Erik on the winter solstice, she discovers that the man who set her body aflame is cursed by abominable needs — and a desire that might destroy them both…
Thoughts on Frozen: I'm a huge fan of Meljean Brook's Iron Seas series. I'm not saying this actually happened, but I might have thought about shedding a few tears when I realized I was reaching the end of her serialized 4th Iron Seas novel. The pain of no longer having a new installment to look forward to just about did me in.

Fortunately, this little beauty came along and I was able to wallow in the brilliance of something new by her.

And let me tell you, this one is GLORIOUS. Norse mythology, unrequited longings, terrible danger, and the potential for plenty of heartbreak sucked me in. It was wonderful.

Erik is pretty darn awesome. I mean, sure, he has a nasty curse to deal with, but above all else he doesn't want to hurt Olivia. I have great respect for a man who will put himself through terrible agony so he doesn't hurt the woman of his dreams. Or any woman, really. The point is, as awful as it must be for him, he puts Olivia's safety first.

Meanwhile, Olivia is put into a bad situation (and Erik's father is kind of an ass, but that's another story) and she makes the best of it. Even better, she tries to figure out how to work around Erik's issues. (and by issues, I mean his boner. Because nothing goes with a raging case of desire like being perpetually hard.)

Fun (because I have no problem with supernatural beings battling to the death) and sexy, this book gave me everything I wanted with a side of two people being unexpectedly snowed in. I really can't get enough of that particular plot device. And, trust me, it made complete sense here. WIN for me!

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