Friday, December 12, 2014

The Virgin Series by Kate Richards [Review]

The Virgin Series by Kate Richards
The Virgin Series by Kate Richards
Format: paperback
Source: purchased
Date read: September 7, 2014

Kate Richards
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Let a 1Night Stand Change Your Life

Julia in The Virgin and the Playboy never dreamed her first experience might be with The One for her. But only if Mark’s days of playboy womanizing are over.

The Virgin and the Best Man’s heroine, Karen, has put her own needs and desires aside to help her family, even giving up a chance to fly to her beloved stars. Can Ray, a pilot with lots of experience be the one for her?

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t connect with anyone, especially if she lives on a remote island with a bunch of scientists for most of her childhood. But for Jane Ann Summers in Virgin Under Ground, the answer to loneliness may lie deep in a deserted gold mine turned luxury bunker, in the arms of its genius creator, Dr. Lukas Gerard.

Two Men and a Virgin’s Andie is in love. With her two best friends. Maybe a trip to the wilds of Alaska will give her the chance to show Rex and Paul that she is the girl for them.

And last…Rex, the dark-haired muscular forest ranger and Paul, the tall, blond firefighter share their own love story in Two Men. Little Island off Grand Turk is rumored to have a magical effect on all couples who spend time there.

Madame Eve, the mysterious owner of the 1Night Stand dating service only promises a single night. But her results are often so much more…
Thoughts on The Virgin Series: Ultimately, this was a quick, enjoyable set of stories set in the world where Madame Eve and 1Night Stand can match up unlikely partners to set them on the road to happily ever after. These stories tend to be bite-sized, sexy and leave you believing the characters have found something special after their one magical night.

I can totally get on board with a mystical dating agency, but I did have to suspend my disbelief at the sheer amount of virginity presented here. I probably should have been clued in from the title (and the titles of the stories), but I'm a little slow sometimes. NO WORRIES, THOUGH. I managed to not only wrassle my disbelief down, but enjoy the ride while doing so.

Honestly, all the stories are enjoyable. Nicely naughty with a hint of sweet. I really enjoyed Virgin Under Ground just because DESERTED GOLD MINE TURNED INTO AN AWESOME UNDERGROUND BUNKER. It's like my inner fangirl--the one who swoons over post-apocalyptic settings and broken worlds--was given the set-up to something HUGE and catastrophic that I can feel more than see.


Yep, inner fangirl has green-lighted reading more books like that. IMMEDIATELY.

Lots of virgins, lots of lovin', and the potential for happiness for all involved. I liked it.


  1. A mystical dating agency ? Original ! I'm in ;)

    1. Decadent Publishing has a WHOLE LINE of 1 Night Stand books. Every genre, every possible permutation of couples. It's pretty cool, but the stories are SHORT. Just to warn you.