Saturday, January 10, 2015

Caribou's Gift by Eve Langlais [Review]

 Caribou's Gift by Eve Langlais
Caribou's Gift (Kodiak Point #4) by Eve Langlais
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 12, 2014

Kodiak Point
1. Kodiak's Claim
2. Outfoxed by Love
3. Polar Bared
3.5. Caribou's Gift - Paperback | Kindle
4. Wolf's Capture

Eve Langlais
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Damn it, a man had his pride and a caribou a certain majestic presence, all of which could wind up ruined if he abased himself to play a simple-minded reindeer in the town’s Christmas parade.

No way was he wearing damned tinsel in his antlers.

Like hell was he sporting a red nose and pulling a sleigh.

But he changes his mind when he meets the woman in charge of the event.

Single mom, Crystal, is doing her best to offer her daughter the best Christmas ever. It’s their first in Kodiak Point, and she’s not about to let some vain jerk ruin it for her little girl.

If playing dirty is what it takes…then bring on the Christmas games. As Crystal and Kyle butt heads—and lips—they discover more than goodwill this holiday season. They’re gifted with a second chance at love.
Thoughts on Caribou's Gift: As always, I'm smitten with Eve Langlais's sassy characters who have the inevitable steamy chemistry. Bonus points to a slightly off-kilter former soldier who finds himself unexpectedly adoring our heroine's little girl. It's hard to dislike a man who goes all growly and protective when his ladies are threatened. Especially when one of them is a traumatized child.

So. Crystal and Kyle. She's determined to give her daughter a Christmas to remember, he's determined to avoid playing Rudolph. I kinda loved Kyle's approach to getting things done. His "missions" were amusing and his glee at completing them made me grin. On Crystal's front, I can totally appreciate how she tried to give her daughter something good after the what they'd gone through.

I haven't read the other Kodiak Point books yet, but I'm pretty sure they're going to be in my future at some point. Because I like the setup and I like these shapeshifters in all their slightly insane glory. Eve Langlais books just make me smile. And that's excellent.


  1. Same as you, I read Caribou's gift recently and will soon catch up with the story, Eve Langlais is an author you can count on to have a real good time :)

    1. Absolutely. She always makes me smile. I like smiling!

  2. I love this series. It is everything you would expect from Eve Langlais if you've read her before. If you haven't read her before, she is fun, snarky, sexy and these stories have suspense to them that some of her other books don't have. I hope you enjoy the series.

    1. She's one of my favorites! I just adore her crazy characters. SO FUN!