Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top Off Tuesday - Tattoos and muscles!

I've decided to join Felicia, Christi and Amanda for their gratuitous shirtless covers on Tuesdays. Because nothing says Tuesday like flashing some skin! Hop over to Felicia's blog to see who else is participating!

The terrible threesome are retiring Top Off Tuesday, but I like man-chest too much to say goodbye. I'll update the button at some point (what? I'm slow. And I'm drooling too much over the man-chest!). For now, ENJOY!

Stacy Gail not only writes smokin' books, her covers are magically muscle-y! Yessssss!

House of Payne: Payne by Stacy Gail
House of Payne: Payne (House of Payne #1) by Stacy Gail
Life is supposedly what you make of it, but that's crap as far as 3D artist, Becks Delgado is concerned. She never wanted her brother to die in a car accident... or to be the one who was behind the wheel. Her external scars are nothing compared to the raw wounds inside, and there are times when death seems to be the only way to find peace.

Sebastian Payne took the concept of a tattoo parlor and transformed it into a sophisticated gallery of living art. House Of Payne now caters to the rich and infamous, has garnered a worldwide following and is run by Payne with an iron fist. He knows Becks is exactly what House Of Payne needs, but there's a problem. The accident that changed her life left its mark on him as well, and whether he likes it or not, it's time for Payne to put his House in order.
Want to join in? PLEASE DO!


  1. lol. Terrible threesome. Did you know that not only is Missie not blogging anymore, but that someone else has her domain now? True story.

    This is a very nice cover. Very nice.

    1. That makes me sad. I guess that means I shouldn't link the banner to that domain. Ehh. Since I'm going to be making a new one at some point (I KNOW I have man-chest to use for a banner in my vast stores of man-chesty pictures), I'll just leave it.

      And, yes. It is a very nice cover. *goes back to ogle*

    2. Terrible threesome--I think that sums it up very accurately :)

      Did you know that Missie is now a Roller Derby Running Goddess! I keep trying to get her to start a fitness blog. She is freaking amazing! She also became a teacher!

    3. Not going to lie, thinking of Missie doing roller derby FUCKING ROCKS!

  2. So you're keeping the meme up ? I'll make sure to change my post, then, I'm happy you do !

    1. Yep. I need to make a new button, but it's otherwise the same.

  3. I'm very happy that you're picking up the meme!! I love it so. There's just nothing like ToT.