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All Access by Karolyn James [Review]

 All Access by Karolyn James
All Access (Brothers of Rock #1) by Karolyn James
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 11/9/14
Date read: November 18, 2014

Brothers of Rock
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Karolyn James
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jess is caught off guard when a sexy stranger buys her a cup of coffee and asks her to sit with him. He's mysterious, nice, and even though he says the right things at the right time, Jess can sense that there's something hidden about him.
As Johnnie sits across from the beautiful woman, he can't believe she doesn't recognize him. Everyone does. It comes with the territory when you're the lead singer of one of the hottest bands in the world, Chasing Cross. With one more show to go before taking a small break in touring, it feels like luck is on Johnnie's side. That is, if he can find a way to tell Jess who he is, without scaring her off.
After her best friend begs her to come to a concert, Jess finds herself standing in the middle of a crowd. The lights are off, music begins, and the crowd erupts in cheers. She doesn't know much about the band, but that's all about to change. When the lights come on, Jess can't believe her eyes. The lead singer of the band is the man from the café.
Plucked from the crowd during the show, Jess makes her way backstage. The encore may have ended on stage, but the real show is just about to begin. Johnnie's passion quickly turns to romance but the more time he and Jess spend together, the more things get complicated. Johnnie has a big decision to make about himself and the band, testing his loyalty and love for the music, and when Jess's dreams start to come true, she starts to realize that true love exists, but it's not always an easy path to take.
Thoughts on All Access: The last few rock star books I've read have focused on bands just making it big. So I liked the idea of an established band and seeing the fame angle from a different point of view. Unfortunately, I didn't really get that. Sure, the band had a different set of problems than dealing with new found fame, but... I don't know. This book wasn't quite what I was expecting.

Things I did like: Johnnie being pulled in different directions. Most of it was in his head, though. If he'd just MENTIONED what was being asked of him to his bandmates, maybe he would have found out it wasn't as big a deal as he thought it was. Or maybe it wouldn't have been so tortured by which decision to make.

I did like Johnnie and Jess together. It was fast. It was explosive. Jess made a decision to throw caution to the wind and enjoy herself and I totally appreciate that.

I did like the book overall, but (as I said before) it wasn't quite what I was expecting when I picked it up. I'm a fan of insta-lust and Johnnie and Jess definitely had that. I don't know that this book will land on the favorites list I'm compiling in my head of rock star themed goodness, but it entertained me.

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