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Alien Resistance Omnibus by Amanda Close [Review]

 Alien Resistance Omnibus by Amanda Close
Alien Resistance Omnibus by Amanda Close
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: February 25, 2015

Amanda Close
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In the aftermath of World War III a reptilian army emerges from the darkness of space to launch a ruthless campaign of conquest and genocide. All that remains of the world is a wasteland of concrete ruins and shattered architecture, now the dystopian battlefield upon which the human resistance wages its defiant war of survival against the invaders.

Words: 75,545


After being defeated in a violent firefight Tara, a young resistance fighter, must endure the carnal appetites of her captor and his warriors. While she struggles with her own forbidden desires she must find a way to strike back, or else become the trophy of an alien warlord.

STRIKE BACK (Episode 2)

Morgan is a beautiful and deadly scout sniper who has been tasked with a high risk infiltration mission that starts with being taken prisoner by enemy warriors. She soon finds herself face to face with the maniacal one-eyed warlord Cava-Rek, whose sexual appetites and wicked science threaten the very boundaries between what is human and what is alien. Stay on mission. Remember who you are. Strike back.

OUTCASTS (Episode 3)

Lysa has survived the sexual ordeals and scientific tampering while held captive by the Izrid warlords, only to find herself battling both the alien invaders and human soldiers as her hybrid DNA has marked her as a common enemy. She is accompanied by Morgan, whose alien pregnancy is rapidly changing her into something inhuman, and a silent Izrid warrior who has broken ties with his hive to protect the unborn offspring. Meanwhile Jana, another survivor of captivity, is torn between her loyalty to the resistance and the terrible secret that she too is a hybrid, as she follows her orders to relentlessly hunt down and kill them all.

INSURGENTS (Episode 4)

It has been five years since the hybrids escaped into the wilderness. Alexis is a young resistance fighter, recruited as a teenager to fight against the totalitarian regime known as The Complex, an alliance of Izrid and human conspirators. The resistance, once the protectors of humanity, have been demonized by the state-controlled media and are now hunted by human and alien alike. Alexis and her lover Magna, a hard-bitten veteran, cling to each other in these dark times as they struggle to find a balance between their passion for each other and the war they cannot seem to win.

WAR HIVE (Episode 5)

After a series of bloody betrayals Fiona MacArthur is captured by Complex security forces and taken before the Serpent King. They have been bitter enemies, and now, aboard the great Hive Temple, they meet at last only to discover a forbidden passion explode between them. Meanwhile, deep in the caves of the Grand Canyon, the hybrid Morgan has been breeding a brood army of her own. The former resistance fighter emerges from hiding with war-machines and legions of soldiers to launch an all-out assault against Chicago. Vendetta and passion collide what will be the final battle of the alien resistance.

Caution: This is the collected edition of a savage sci-fi military series filled with graphic sex & violence, and is not suitable for someone under 18 years of age.
Thoughts on Alien Resistance Omnibus: Dark and gritty with plenty of human-on-human and alien-on-human sexin'. JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!

Alien Resistance: We get some fast and dirty action here (literally dirty since I don't think the humans have bathed since the resistance began) as we're introduced to the alien Izrid species and the resistance fighters determined to win back their planet. Tara's capture by one of the ruling caste of aliens looks to be the start of something that will put all the human women at risk now that the aliens have discovered how pleasurable sexin' can be.

Strike Back: With Tara gone, the alien warlord Cava Rek has been attempting to fill her shoes by abducting human woman as his sexual playthings (and to experiment on. And why not, right? When you have the time and resources, WHY NOT find more ways to subjugate those you've conquered?!?!). We get to meet up with the original Izrid who sparked Cava Rek's obsession with the humans when he witnessed Tara and Cole getting it on in book 1 and see him take a bigger part in the story. Not going to lie, I'm rooting for the big strong alien to find some sort of happily ever after.

Outcasts: Things look bad for the hybrids. Fiona MacArthur has declared the hybrid women to be the enemy and now they're on the run from both aliens and humans alike. The strong silent Izrid helping Morgan and Lysa gets his freak on (some aliens just have GAME, you know?!?!). Cruz, the spiller of hybrid secrets AND secret hybrid herself, is hunting Morgan and the others. 'Tis a tangled web, made even more tangled with Cava Rek awakens something in the hive's brood bearer that probably won't end well for anyone involved.

Insurgents: It's a rough future. The resistance has become the enemy as the bulk of the human survivors surrender to the inevitability of the Izrid occupation of Earth. A few die-hards still follow Fiona MacArthur and her desire to destroy the Izrid, but they're few and far between. Cava Rek has become the ultimate ruler of the planet and he's just as twisted as ever. Throw in some human/human and alien/human sexin' just for fun and I'm happy. I also am VERY curious to find out how the original hybrids are faring after their escape in the last installment. Bring it on!

War Hive: Whoa. That was a pretty epic ending. Lots of blood and guts and aliens having sex with humans. It's hard for me to pretend indifference (hence, I don't) when it had all those things. BLOOD! DEATH! ANGRY SEX! ANGRY ALIEN SEX! MORE BLOOD! We got to see how things have played out for Morgan and her brood in the five years since they've escaped captivity. AND THAT ENDING. I am so satisfied with the all the gritty, crazy, sexy times we were given.

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