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Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole [Review]

 Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole
Radio Silence (Off the Grid #1) by Alyssa Cole
Format: ebook
Source: provided by Carina Press through NetGalley
Date read: January 9, 2015

Off the Grid
1. Radio Silence - Kindle

Alyssa Cole
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Arden Highmore is majorly cynical, but even she wouldn’t have predicted the end of the world–or at least the world as she knew it. One winter day, everything modern society has grown to rely on–electricity, cell phones, and, unfortunately, plumbing—stops working. Arden and her best friend, John, flee to his family’s cabin near the Canadian border. On the way there, they’re assaulted by scavengers, but saved by John’s hot brother, Gabriel, who takes an instant dislike to Arden.

The duo think they’ve finally found refuge at the Seong’s cabin, but things aren’t quite as peaceful as they seem: John’s parents are missing. Maggie, their teenage sister, resents Gabriel for treating her like a child. No one knows what, exactly, is going on in the outside world, and in the midst of all that, Arden and Gabriel are finding that there’s a thin line between love and hate, indeed.
Thoughts on Radio Silence: Holy bananas, my love for all things apocalyptic shows no sign of waning. In fact, Radio Silence highlighted all the things I adore in books where the world's gone a little mad.

Thing 1: Nobody knows what's going on at this point. The lights have gone out and all our characters are left in the dark in more ways than one. Was is an act of war? Will things go back to normal or is this going to be the new way of life from here on out? We don't know! And that's what makes it so wonderful/terrifying/engrossing.

Thing 2: Emotions run high when people are forced to share space. Especially in a situation like this where no one knows if this is temporary or permanent. What does that mean? Arden and Gabriel have sparks and those sparks catch fire at the most inconvenient times.

Thing 3: When bad things happen and you have only yourself and those around you to rely on, you find strength you didn't realize you had. Arden has a shaky start with Gabriel. And that's putting it mildly. He blames her for putting John in danger and it's not pretty. BUT... Arden is strong. She rallies and pulls herself together and does what she needs to do to keep her new family safe when danger comes knocking.

*fist pump for strong women*

Yeah, I liked this one. Arden and Gabriel's relationship is sticky. The world outside is a little crazy and they're all scrambling to hold onto normal. Getting together could be the worst idea ever or it could help both of them find the balance they need to keep going. (Also, best friend's brother as the hero... *swoon*)

My usual apocalyptic reads involve hordes of zombies. I must admit I liked Alyssa Cole's take on a world falling apart without monsters. Well, there are monsters, they just happen to be as human as you or I. Which is creepy in itself.

*slow thumbs up*

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