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The Lover of Christmas Past by Amelia R. Foxx [Review]

 The Lover of Christmas Past by Amelia R. Foxx
The Lover of Christmas Past (A Christmas Screw-All #1) by Amelia R. Foxx
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: December 28, 2014

A Christmas Screw-All
1. The Lover of Christmas Past - Kindle

Amelia R. Foxx
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Christmas can be great if you've got someone to share it with, but otherwise it can feel a bit hollow. What would you do if the Wingman of Christmas Past visited you one night and promised to show you a thing or two about your own sex life? The journey to sexual fulfilment and being satisfied with yourself sexually starts here with the first Christmas ghost. He'll show you your Lover of Christmas Past...
Thoughts on The Lover of Christmas Past: What better way than to celebrate the spirit of the holidays than to look in on past sexual encounters from an outside perspective? Throw in some unsuspecting oral lovin' on an old crush (just to be clear, she's kinda ghostly and he can't see or hear her but he can FEEL her. And she did ask first. Because it's all about the consent.) and Christmas got a whole lot sexier.

So. The Wingman of Christmas Past shows up and takes out girl back to her first time. Being erotica, the story starts off with a bang. A finger bang, if you will. Then it progresses to actual people. There's some nice voyeurism and some nice ghostly-esque lovin'. I'm sorry. I get a kick out of that. Poor Harry couldn't see her, but he still got to enjoy some quality time with her.

Bottom line, this is a much sexier version of the old classic. As it turns out, I like sexy twists. Especially when said sexy twists are delivered by a glowing dude who doesn't mind when you get busy with yourself while watching your past self get sexed up for the first time. (Holy smokes, I had fun writing that last sentence.)

I can only imagine what the Wingman of Christmas Present is going to have our girl indulge in. *waits for it*

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