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To Kill a Priest by Weston Kincade [Review]

 To Kill a Priest by Weston Kincade
To Kill a Priest (The Priors #1) by Weston Kincade
Format: ebook
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Date read: March 31, 2015

The Priors
1. To Kill a PriestKindle
2. To Kill an Assassin

Weston Kincade
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Episodes 1-9

The universe is much larger than people think—with worlds spanning into infinity and human kind evolving into everything from vampires to the unknown. Are you one of these unlucky few?

Madelin is, and the government black-op agency called PASTOR knows it. To free herself from their clandestine clutches, she will have to trust an unknown godfather… the only family she has left after the agency’s murderous tendencies. As she strives to overcome her medically induced amnesia, she and her newfound friends must test the limits of this world and break them. The government has secret plans for her future if she remains… but will the next world be any better?
Thoughts on To Kill a Priest: It took me a while to get a feel for this world. I should quickly add that it's due to the world within a world complexity more than anything. There are LAYERS here. Lots of layers. Lots of people. Lots of people in layers. You have to pay attention.

That said, I thought the idea behind the different worlds was fascinating. Since Madelin is just learning about her abilities, we're given a chance to experience everything along with her. The realities are odd and twisted and a little off-center of what we (and Madelin and her crew) are used to.

(For the record, I'm kinda chomping at the bit to pick up the next installment because the situation they landed themselves in at the end of book 1 is pretty much like crack to me. I love me some crazy broken worlds.)

Probably the only thing that gave me pause was when the issue of rape was glossed over. While I don't necessarily expect an in-depth diagnosis of the aftermath, the reactions of all the characters seemed oddly muted to me. I wanted a little more outrage and emotion from them and was left hanging.

Still, I'm looking forward to book 2. Madelin and her newly formed team have a lot ahead of them if they hope to accomplish their goals and I'm curious how they're going to get it done.

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