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Havoc by Ann Aguirre [Review]

 Havoc by Ann Aguirre
Havoc (Dred Chronicles #2) by Ann Aguirre
Format: paperback
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: April 11, 2015

Dred Chronicles
1. Perdition
2. Havoc - Paperback | Kindle
3. Breakout

Ann Aguirre
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Conglomerate’s most dangerous convicts have made the prison ship Perdition their home. And they will defend it…

Perdition is under siege. Mercenaries have boarded the station with orders to take control of the facility—and execute the prisoners. Their commander is offering full pardons to the first five inmates willing to help the mercs complete their mission.

Dresdemona “Dred” Devos hasn’t survived hard time just to surrender to the Conglomerate’s armored thugs. Leading a ragtag army of inmates, Dred and her champion, Jael, wage a bloody guerilla war of chaos and carnage against impossible odds. But no matter how dire the outlook, the Dread Queen never backs down…
Thoughts on Havoc: Wow! Where book 1 gave us a bleak look at life on the inside of Perdition, book 2 showed us the lengths the outside would go to reclaim what they saw as theirs.

As we learned from book 1, Dred and Jael aren't the type to lie down and hand over the keys to their kingdom. The skirmishes are brutal and bloody and the Queenslanders are fighting both the mercenaries and inmates from the other territories. There are losses. Many, many losses. Some of them irreplaceable.

But the Dread Queen soldiers on. Together with her inner circle, they push back against the mercs and hold their territory against the others.

But it's not pretty.

Jael's decision to save Dred when she was grievously wounded in book 1 has some interesting side effects. On top of that, watching him grapple with his new found emotions for Dred is pretty much heartbreaking. But then, Dred has some emotional issues on her end, as well. Both of them try SO HARD not to become attached because love or affection could be seen as a weakness in Perdition and it's easier to turn your back on something before it begins than to have it ripped out of your hands later.

The ending sets up book 3 nicely and with Dred's soldiers drastically whittled down, I have to wonder how things are going to play out in the final book. There aren't a whole lot of options left for the crew and they still have a big hurdle (or two) to get over before they can make good on Jael's idea of escape.

You know, I really can't wait to see how it all ends. Bloody and brutal would be my guess. Yassssss!

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