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To Saur, With Love by Tabatha Austin [Review]

 To Saur, With Love by Tabatha Austin
To Saur, With Love by Tabatha Austin
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 17, 2015

Tabatha Austin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Could you love a Dino-American? That's the question Becky needs to answer when Texas gets their first dinosaur instructor. Genetically engineered to resemble a velociraptor, Rick's got the body of dinosaur but the needs of a man.

Becky's got her own desires but is Rick the sexual beast to satisfy them?
Thoughts on To Saur, With Love: I make no apologies for my enjoyment of dino erotica. None. Because it amuses me and if you can't be amused by the visual of a dino making sweet, sweet raptor love to a human, what can you be amused by?

So. I enjoyed this book. It wasn't the usual time-traveling-coed-gets-unexpectedly-boned-by-a-dino story. There was reasoning behind how Rick was how he was. Genetic engineering isn't anything to fool around with. It creates dinosaurs who just need some love. (I'm paraphrasing. There's more to it than that, I swear.)

As for Becky, she doesn't set out to get herself some dino love. She's just trying to be Rick's friend and coworker. Circumstances put her in the path of Rick when he's feeling a little horny and things go from there. AS THEY SOMETIMES DO.

Bottom line: Dinosaurs need love, too. *slow thumbs up*

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