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Clutch by Tess Oliver [Review]

 Clutch by Tess Oliver
Clutch (Custom Culture #2) by Tess Oliver
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 02/06/15
Date read: March 4, 2015

Custom Culture
1. Freefall
2. Clutch - Paperback | Kindle
3. Dray
4. Rett
5. Nix & Scotlyn: The Wedding

Tess Oliver
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When Taylor Flinn’s parents shipped her off to an aunt for her last year of high school, James “Clutch” Mason had convinced himself it was for the best. Taylor, the wild, impulsive and far-too-appealing seventeen-year-old had been driving him nuts. Her school girl crush on him had been the last thing he needed. Now he had time to concentrate on his booming classic car part business, his new found love-- drag racing, and keeping his twenty-year-old brother Barrett out of trouble.

But when Taylor returns from her aunt’s more grown up, utterly seductive, and attached to another guy, Clutch realizes that the only thing he ever needed or wanted was Taylor Flinn.
Thoughts on Clutch: Clutch and Taylor. Oh, man, those two know how to push each others' buttons, don't they? Yet, the Viking giant is no match for the sassy school girl when it all comes down to it. He never had been, either. He was a goner, he just had to wait until she was old enough for it to not be icky.

Well, and he had to admit it to himself. That took a while. A while, a lot of tacos, and a few crazy things done by both of them.

Honestly, who hasn't done crazy things when hurt and/or distracted by the person meant for them?

Love love love the brotherhood between Clutch, Nix and Dray. I wasn't sure about Rett for a while, but I came around once he'd dried out and stopped acting like a douchecanoe. Meanwhile, Taylor's family made me have a slight case of crazy eyes. Watching someone's dreams get slapped down time and time again doesn't make me happy. Fortunately, Taylor's resilient and she's willing to push back against her family.

And occasionally do dangerous, crazy things if she's hurting enough. As one does sometimes.

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