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Earth Warden by Mina Carter [Quickie Review]

 Earth Warden by Mina Carter
Earth Warden by Mina Carter
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 25, 2015

Mina Carter
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In a world run by magic, she’s powerless…

Lyssa is a warden without magic, a null. In a society where magic is everything, she is considered less than human. Shunned and exiled, she lives outside the Havens as a normal where no one judges her. She thinks she’s left her old life behind, until an injured Warrior mistakes her for a full Warden and claims sanctuary. Can she fool him, just for a night?

Hawk is a warrior, one with many years of tracking and killing the various nasties that hide in the darkness, but he’s not invincible, even though he’d like to think he is. Injured and out of options, he stumbles into a diner only to find salvation in the form of a short, curvy warden.

But she claims to know nothing of magic, a claim that makes no sense when another spell-slinger tries to kill them both. With a warden execution squad on their tails, can Hawk convince his little warden she’s not as helpless as she thinks and keep his hands off her at the same time? Can he be her knight in shining armor and walk away? Or will he give into the need to claim her as his own?
Thoughts on Earth Warden: Okay. So I really liked this world and the weirdness Lyssa and Hawk found themselves in, but the ending was SUPER abrupt. Seriously, overall this worked nicely as a shorter piece RIGHT UP UNTIL THE END.

Yep, I wanted a little more... something. More time spent with Lyssa and Hawk coming to terms with them as a couple. More explanation as to why Lyssa made the choice she made. Just more.

Again, the world was pretty cool, Lyssa's issues (that's intentionally vague. You're welcome.) were explained quite nicely, but the ending needed a little more. That said, the sex was smokin'. I do enjoy a good claiming and Hawk certainly gave one of those.

Also, growly men in leather are my literary weakness. *slow thumbs up*

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