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Ride to Ruin by Eleri Stone [Review]

 Ride to Ruin by Eleri Stone
Ride to Ruin (Reaper #3) by Eleri Stone
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: April 18, 2015

1. Reaper's Touch
2. Gun Shy
3. Ride to Ruin - Kindle

Eleri Stone
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When a religious sect settles north of Fort Dougan in an abandoned city called Ruin, it doesn’t take long for stories to spread that something’s not right about the place. Charismatic preacher Thaddeus Blackwell has promised his flock a better life, unsullied by the decadence of Scraper society and the immorality of life on the border. With an army of cured Reapers under his command, Blackwell is determined to build a godly society…even if he has to use ungodly means to do it.

Working the ranch with the horses she loves, Ellie hasn’t paid much attention to the rumors about Ruin until her sister is charged with Blackwell’s murder. Ellie drops everything to ride to Lu’s aid only to find that her sister has fled town with a Ranger hot on her trail and Thaddeus’s son, Mordecai, out for her blood.

Ranger Garrett Landry believes Lu is the key to getting his family out of Ruin alive, and he needs to find her before Mordecai gets to her. Reluctantly accepting Ellie as his partner in the search, Garrett doesn’t expect to fall in love with the brave but in over her head rancher. And he never imagines that Ellie might be the one to save him instead.
Thoughts on Ride to Ruin: I completely adore this series. From the mindless Reapers to those who have been cured of the disease and are trying to find how they fit in to this world now. From the Rangers to the citizens they protect. It all works for me. All of it.

Garrett and Ellie are just adorably sweet. Sure, he's a Ranger who's tasked with keeping the people safe and helping breed up the next generation of Rangers and she's not entirely sold on the Rangers because of her mother's untimely death, but they work so nicely together. I like them. Ellie chooses to enjoy her time with Garrett despite her reservations (or maybe because of them seeing as how she's just removed herself from a going-nowhere relationship and she's ready to throw caution to the wind and...err, enjoy herself) and Garrett knows how to show a lady a good time. Also, he liiiiikes Ellie.

Seriously, they are adorably cute.

We get to see even more sides to the cured Reapers. The bad guys started out with good intentions that went off the rails somewhere along the way. Flynn and Molly make me smile. Good times all around, my friends. Good times.

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