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Against the Dark by Carolyn Crane [Review]

 Against the Dark buy Carolyn Crane
Against the Dark (The Associates #1) by Carolyn Crane
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 30, 2015

The Associates
1. Against the Dark - Paperback | Kindle
2. Off the Edge
3. Into the Shadows
4. Behind the Mask

Carolyn Crane
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Synopsis (Goodreads):

Angel Ramirez left the safecracking game five years ago, and she’s worked hard to make amends and build an honest life. But when a beloved aunt is kidnapped, she must reunite with her girl gang to acquire the unique ransom: Walter Borgola’s prized diamonds. It’s a simple job that turns into a nightmare, thanks to a surprisingly clever—and searingly sexy—security guard named Cole Hawkins.


Cole is one of the Association’s most brilliant agents, under deep cover investigating a ruthless killer. He’s also running out of time: hundreds will die if he doesn’t stop the plan Borgola’s set into motion. Catching Angel is the break he needed--he promises not to turn her in if she poses as his lover and uses her unique talents to unlock the sociopath’s dungeon vaults.

But as pretend passions turn real, Cole regrets drawing Angel into his deadly game…and danger is closer than either of them could ever imagine.
Thoughts on Against the Dark: Oh, hey. I liked this one. It's sexy. It has some creepy, dangerous bad guys with a penchant for questionable interior decorating. It has a super smart hero with a...umm, hero complex. Which isn't a bad thing. Except for when he put his own life in danger and...where was I going with this?

Oh. Super sexy, super smart hero. YUM. I must say Cole's obsession with his abs was pretty darn awesome. How can you say no to a guy who knows how to draw attention to his sexy six pack? Or eight pack. Whatever it was. The point is he amused me and I liked how he teased Angel with his muscles.

And Angel. Gone straight, but pulled into the life for one last heist. That's gotta suck. You know, since she liked the thrill of the job and interior decorating isn't quite as pulse pounding as cracking safes.

Bottom line: I enjoyed it. *slow thumbs up*

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