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Fallout Girl Omnibus by Amanda Close [Review]

 Fallout Girl Omnibus by Amanda Close
Fallout Girl Omnibus by Amanda Close
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 16, 2015

Amanda Close
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kelly Killjoy is a gunslinging mercenary and skin flick scream queen on an endless quest for adventure, cash, and a good hard fight in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

FALLOUT GIRL (Episode 1)

After a gang of cannibal marauders raid the local video store she decides to infiltrate their group in order to steal back the stack of trashy movies. To join up she's going to have to show her loyalty on the battlefield and in the bedroom. If that wasn't enough there happens to be a cult of all-male monsters who need a fertile woman to help replenish their numbers.


The crazy kids at the Pearl Theatre pay the bills by screening their collection of B-movies and shooting a few rowdy sex flicks of their own. Life is good for everybody, until Kelly's jilted ex-lover Grinder shows up, and he happens to be the warlord of a marauder gang known as the Rust Devils. Faced with what could be her last stand, Kelly decides it is time to finally get it on with the mild-mannered mutant who might be packing more heat than even she can handle.

FREAK LEGION (Episode 3)

With the Pearl Theatre in shambles Kelly has taken work as a goat-smuggler, until she runs across her old boss Fingers the Clown and takes a particularly steamy trip down memory lane. His wasteland circus is having a bloody territorial dispute with another freakshow and he needs Kelly's gift for violence to even the odds. Before the curtains close Kelly dubiously beats a few locals in a game of cards and is forced to spend a harrowing night locked in the stocks at the center of town, where she is alone, exposed, and at the mercy of bad men.


When her new boy toy turns out to be a double-crossing bounty hunter, Kelly finds herself behind bars and in the clutches of an abusive jailer. It looks like a mysterious medical organization and the darkly handsome doctor have plans for their female captives that extend beyond subjecting them to invasive exams. As our heroine strives to return to her loved ones she is thrust into a violent arena reality show and forced to fight for her life and what might be left of her virtue.


Kelly is ready to take the relationship with her geeky girlfriend Badger to the next level, but before the lovely ladies can tie the knot some high-tech goons working for the American Medical Association crash the party and make off with her blushing bride to be. Turns out they thought one was the other, and now it’s going to take everything in Kelly’s toolbox of sex & violence to raise an army of psychotic marauders to mount a rescue and get some sweet juicy justice.

Caution: This is the omnibus edition of FALLOUT GIRL, a wasteland science fiction series filled with seriously graphic sex, gory violence, gratuitous vice, vehicular carnage, tentacles, bdsm, humiliation, body penance, bazooka lust, B-movie references, and is not suitable for someone without a raging libido and a sense of dark humor, or anyone under 18 years of age.
Thoughts on Fallout Girl Omnibus: Holy smokes, this one was fun. And by fun I mean dark and brutal with plenty of sexy times. Kelly Killjoy doesn't pull her punches. Or wear her underwear. Which makes for a rollicking good time.

Fallout Girl: You had me at "Cannibal Psychos", Amanda Close. Kelly Killjoy has found a way to survive and thrive in this harsh apocalyptic wasteland and she's giving it her all. From boning the cannibal leader to sexy, naughty times in a mineshaft with a bunch of dwarfs, Kelly gives all her sexy-time activities her all.

Straight to Video: Sexy times before a hard, violent battle is just what a girl needs to get her blood flowing. At least that's what happens to Kelly Killjoy. As an added bonus, she gets to try out the oversized mutant who works in the theatre. Impending bloodshed and imminent death are good for the libido, AMIRITE?

Freak Legion: Circuses and dirty little towns, oh my! I must say Kelly Killjoy has an uncanny ability to turn a bad situation into something that wrings a few Os from her. More than a few, to be honest. This world is deadly and Kelly is just the woman to grab it by the balls and take it for a ride.

Lady Wasteland: Once again, Kelly Killjoy is dropped into a situation that would destroy most people only to end up on top. Not that she was always on top. Sometimes she let others take that position. The point is she took the bad situation she was put in and punched her way out of it. Mostly.

Frankenstein: When Kelly Killjoy makes plans to take out the evil AMA, she REALLY makes plans. And then she makes those plans bleed. And moan in pain. And bleed some more. Basically, this was the perfect ending to Kelly's story. She got the girl. And the guy. And the mutant. And the other guy. All in a day's work, right?

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