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Warrior's Heart by Laurie London [Review]

 Warrior's Heart by Laurie London
Warrior's Heart (Iron Portal #3) by Laurie London
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: June 20, 2015

Iron Portal
1. Assassin's Touch
2. Rogue's Passion
3. Warrior's Heart - Kindle
4. Rebel's Desire

Laurie London
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Imprisoned for years, he never forgot her.

Zara Kane is leading a double life. By day, she’s a respected antiquities expert, working at a library, but by night, she’s a thief, stealing back artifacts that belong to her homeland. When she learns that a man she once loved—who abandoned her when she needed him the most—has been wrongly imprisoned, she uses her para-ability Talent to orchestrate a daring escape.

Vince Crawford is damaged man. After years of torture and suffering, the beautiful boy with the sparkling brown eyes is gone, replaced by a jaded ex-con hellbent on revenge. He isn’t afraid of anything, but when the woman he’s never stopped loving and the son he never knew he had are threatened by a ruthless enemy who knows they’re his greatest weakness, Vince will stop at nothing to keep them safe…even if it costs him his life.
Thoughts on Warrior's Heart: I had a bit of a tough time getting into the 2nd book in this series (probably my fault for skipping book 1. What can I say? I'm a rebel. I do what I want.), but this one worked from page 1.

We got (kinda) introduced to Vince in the previous book. Well, he got mentioned at least. His life has been terrible since he was abducted and imprisoned and, when we first meet him, there's no end in sight. Then the love of his life reappears and suddenly things are looking rosier.

Except they're not at first. Because years and years of degradation and torture aren't something you get over right away. Vince has a lot of healing to do before he feels worthy of Zara and their son. I got that. Totally. His need to stick it to his captors worked. His desire to prove himself worked. Zara's patience with him worked.

I have a serious soft spot for damaged heroes and Vince hit all my buttons. Poor guy. Someone get him a cookie. Or give him one of Zara's cupcakes. He deserves it.

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