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Game Changer by Melissa Cutler [Review]

 Game Changer by Melissa Cutler
Game Changer (Bomb Squad #3) by Melissa Cutler
Format: ebook
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Date read: September 8, 2015

Bomb Squad
1. Risky Business
2. Undefeated
3. Game ChangerKindle

Melissa Cutler
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Welcome to Destiny Falls, New York, home of Bomb Squad—an ice hockey team full of rugged military heroes. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has the team captain packing his bags for greener pastures, but saying good-bye to the woman who’d captured his heart is easier said than done…

After being wounded in combat, Brandon Theroux lives every day like it’s his last. He never could have imagined that the sleek mechanics of his prosthetic leg would open so many doors, including minor celebrity status as a fitness model and a well-earned reputation as a rakish playboy. The only door it hasn’t opened is the one to Harper Johnson’s bedroom.

Harper has too much self-respect to join the ranks of Brandon’s “carpe diem” conquests, but when she needs someone to keep the peace in the tavern she owns, Brandon offers his help—as long as she agrees to a very tempting trade. It isn’t long before the two realize that a deal struck between friends who can’t keep their hands off each other has the potential to be a whole lot hotter than either of them is prepared to handle…
Thoughts on Game Changer: I'm going to freely admit I didn't care for Brandon in the beginning of this book. The way he flaunted his relationships and almost went out of his way to hurt Harper was rough. The way I saw it, he'd have to have a drastic change of  heart for me to get behind his antics.

Surprisingly, it happened. It took time. It took Harper going through a lot and reclaiming her sense of self, but Brandon had a change of tune. Frankly, I'm very impressed with Melissa Cutler's characterization that she took someone who struck me as relationship-ly shallow and self-absorbed and made me root for him to get with our heroine.

*big thumbs up to that*

As big a turnaround as Brandon had, Harper's journey to find herself was just as important. Once she makes the decision to live her life, she grabs on with both hands and goes after it full throttle. YES! I liked seeing that. I liked her list and the things she was willing to try. I even liked how broken she was at times. Well, I didn't like it, exactly, but I appreciated it as being part of her healing process.

An intriguing, complex relationship that gave the characters plenty of room to grow. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did given Brandon's jerkiness in the beginning, so it ended up being a pleasant surprise.

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