Friday, November 13, 2015

Honey Bear by Michele Bardsley [Quickie Review]

 Just Desserts Anthology
Honey Bear (Pearson Security #2) by Michele Bardsley
Format: ebook
Source: free kindle download as part of the Just Desserts bundle
Date read: September 23, 2015

Pearson Security
1. Bear Witness
2. Honey Bear - Kindle

Michele Bardsley
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Synopsis (Amazon):
When the past catches up to baker Amelia Delacorte, in the form of bullets zinging by her head, she runs--right into the arms of bear shifter bodyguard Mike Pearson.

Mike has wanted the curvy beauty from the moment he laid eyes on her and will do anything it takes to protect her. He secures Amelia in a secret safe house with all the amenities, including a full kitchen.

To distract herself from freaking death threats, Amelia decides to thank her protector by making him dessert. But it turns out the only dessert Mike really wants to her.
Thoughts on Honey Bear: It would appear I'm developing quite the soft spot for bear shifters. I don't know if they'll ever replace werewolves as my shifter of choice, but I do enjoy all their furry shenanigans.

I liked this one overall (boning on the kitchen counter with a guy who pushes all your buttons? YES, PLEASE!), but I question how someone on the run as Amelia has been has the resources to purchase her own bakery. However, given that this scenario led to the aforementioned boning, I sort of handwaved it. Because, you know, sex with shifters trumps monetary concerns in my world.

So, enjoyable if you're into bears. Literal bears, not just hairy dudes. And on that note, I've lost the thread of coherency. CARRY ON!

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