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Hunted by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 Hunted by Ruby Lionsdrake
Hunted (Frost Station Alpha #1) by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 09/09/15
Date read: September 12, 2015

Frost Station Alpha
1. Hunted - Kindle
2. Seduction
3. Pirates
4. Contagion
5. Glaciem
6. Reckoning
Frost Station Alpha: The Complete Series - Kindle

Ruby Lionsdrake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lieutenant Tamryn Pavlenko wants to make a name for herself in the GalCon Fleet, so naturally she requests an assignment on the infamous Frost Station Alpha, where pirate attacks are a way of life. The remote research outpost holds secrets that many are willing to kill for, and Tamryn is prepared to protect it from brigands, mobsters, and mercenaries—or whatever the galaxy throws at her.

The brochure, however, failed to mention the genetically engineered super humans who were supposed to have all been killed in a war that ended more than a century ago. It seems they’re not only alive, but they want the station. Oh, and one of them decides he wants Tamryn too.

This powerful warrior might be sexy and intriguing, but he was bred to kill, and she can’t let herself forget that he’s the enemy.
Thoughts on Hunted: This was everything I desire in a sexy sci-fi. Well, actually there could have been more sexy times, but I FULLY expect that to happen in later installments so I'm waiving that requirement this time. The hints of sexiness gave me hope, see? HOPE THAT THERE WOULD BE WILD SPACE-LOVIN' IN MY FUTURE!

Flat out, a well-written sci-fi romance excites me beyond belief. Ruby Lionsdrake has done that in spades. We have a remote outpost, the possibility of space pirates (SPACE PIRATES!), a strong woman who's looking to make a name for herself, and a group of super humans who look to have been put in a terrible situation by those in charge.


I am so on board for the future installments of this series. SO ON BOARD. (but not literally, because I'd be one of the first to die in a space ship attack, I'm sure.)

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