Friday, December 11, 2015

Beast: The Untold Legend by Shoshanna Evers [Review]

 Beast by Shoshanna Evers
Beast: The Untold Legend (Wicked Tales) by Shoshanna Evers
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: October 29, 2015

Shoshanna Evers
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Deflowering the princess may just save her life.

Princess Justine makes an unlikely ally when she storms into the stables and finds an angry, devastatingly handsome young man tending to her mare. Victor belongs to her soon-to-be Queen mother-in-law, and he has the whip marks on his muscled back to prove it.

The Queen, an enchantress well-accomplished in the art of black magic, turns Victor into a creature like no other. He’s a ten foot tall beastly wall of muscle, animalistic sinew, and savagery ready to unleash every primal urge coiled within him. At the Queen’s command, he kidnaps Justine on her wedding day to the prince — but refuses to kill her. Instead, he keeps her safe by turning her from a threat to the Queen’s power into a ruined woman who will never ascend the throne.

Now the Beast holds his princess captive in the woods, his focus on only one mission: deflower her and get her with child before the queen comes back to kill Justine herself. But as their tentative alliance forms, both Victor and Justine can’t help but wonder— what if being together is their chance for true love?
Thoughts on Beast: The Untold Legend: I should probably put it out there that I ADORE new twists on old favorites. Victor and Justine's story worked for me. HARD.

Honestly, it was mostly Victor that did it for me. But then, it was the Beast in the original story that captured my attention, too. At least I'm consistent, right?

So. Victor. The guy had it rough. Forced to ...I dunno, play stud for the Queen whenever she needed someone to service her? Yeah, that works. He not only had to submit to her against his will, she also forced him to *submit* to her. Given his desire to taking charge in the bedroom, this makes his tenure as the Queen's plaything even more unbearable.

Then Justine falls into his lap. Not literally, but pretty darn close. She likes his domineering ways and he likes her. When the Queen changes him and forces him to kidnap the princess, he's in a bad way. The Queen's magic has twisted him and made him hideous (in his eyes, at least), but it can't force himself to kill her even if it means suffering at the Queen's hand.

Honestly, I just liked the whole thing. The Queen was wicked. Victor was damaged, strong and sweet all at once. Justine was willing to overlook his less than conventional out layer to see the man beneath. *thumbs up*

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  1. Thank you so much, Kelly! I'm so glad you enjoyed Beast. Merry Christmas!