Friday, January 1, 2016

RtP 2015 Series Tracking - October-December

While I'm not hosting an official Seriously Series Challenge this year, I liked being able to track series I've completed. So... here we are. Tracking some series.

FYI, I COMPLETELY fell off the tracking wagon at the end of October. Like, I couldn't even tell you what happened, I just stopped keeping track. Oops.

By category:
Series started in 2015: 18/12
Series started before 2015: 5/12
Series rereads: 2/5

By month:
  • Started in 2015:
    • Completed: 18 
      • Bad Habits (Chaser)
      • Black Dog (Dog Days of Summer)
      • Black Knights Inc (Hell On Wheels)
      • Coveted (Contents May Have Shifted)
      • The Eldritch Files (Dragon's Fury)
      • Feral Passions (Feral Passions)
      • Feyguard (Brea's Tale: Arrival)
      • Found (Found at the Library)
      • Hidden (Angels and Demons)
      • Highland Magic (Highland Magic)
      • I Bring the Fire (Atomic)
      • Pucked (Pucked)
      • Sacrifice Me (Venom)
      • Safeguard (Hidden Impact)
      • Southern Vampire Chronicles (Honeysuckle Memories)
      • Tapped Out (Knockout)
      • The Witches of Cleopatra Hill (Illusions)
      • Wolf Mates (The Alpha's Woman)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Started before 2015:
    • Completed: 5 - 
      • Beyond (Closed Doors)
      • Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (House of Whispers)
      • House of Payne (Rude)
      • Jade Calhoun (Spirits of Bourbon Street)
      • Lexi Carmichael Mystery (No Room For Error)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: -none-
    • In progress: -none-


  • -didn't track-


  • -didn't track-
Overall, I got a lot of books read in 2015 and that pleases me. My lack of attention to updating in the final months of the year wasn't so stellar, but so it goes sometimes.

Read some good books in 2016, my friends!

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