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The Pirate Captain's Daughter by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 The Pirate Captain's Daughter by Ruby Lionsdrake
The Pirate Captain's Daughter (The Mandrake Company #5.5) by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 28, 2015

The Mandrake Company
1. Mercenary Instinct
2. Trial and Temptation
3. The Assassin's Salvation
4. The Ruins of Karzelek
5. Mercenary Courage
5.5. The Pirate Captain's Daughter - Kindle

Ruby Lionsdrake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Firefighter and mercenary Marat Azarov thinks he’s being noble when he rescues a beautiful slave woman from certain torture. Alas, she turns out to be more than she appears and does not appreciate his interference. In an attempt to redeem himself—and perhaps win her regard—he concocts a plot that even his grenade-flinging colleague Striker deems unwise. Soon, he’s blowing up androids, being shot at by pirates, and earning the wrath of his own boss, and he’s not even sure if the woman likes him.

Some days, it doesn’t pay to be a mercenary.
Thoughts on The Pirate Captain's Daughter: Mercenaries. Some of them are crude, crass, and like to blow things up. And some of them fell into the life and are heroes under all that armor.

Marat is one of the heroes. Stumbling into a slave auction thanks to his colleague, he's drawn to one of the women up for auction. A mouthy hellcat of a woman, mind you. One who has an ulterior motive for being where she is. So when Marat steps in to save her, Ying isn't as thrilled by it as one might think.

Things gets heated and a little sweet at times. Oh, and there are the issues that have brought both Ying and Marat to the place they are now. They both need someone to lean on, they just don't know it.

In case you're wondering, the mercs are pretty awesome. I always get a kick out of bloodthirsty men who enjoy blowing things up. And women. I'm all for equal opportunity merc-ing.

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