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Last Call by Staci Hart [Review]

 Last Call by Staci Hart
Last Call (Bad Habits #3) by Staci Hart
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: February 9, 2016

Bad Habits
1. With a Twist 
2. Chaser
3. Last Call - Kindle

Staci Hart
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Once Rose Fisher makes a decision, that’s it. End of story.

Like when her ex, Patrick, dumped her out of the blue, then showed up with a super hot, tatted up sex kitten on his arm. Then it was over for good. The end. Poof. Dead to her. Except he was everywhere — down the hall, at the bar with their friends, worming his way into her dreams.

But with their friends paired off, they’re left alone more and more. Rose is determined to keep him friendzoned — doesn’t matter that he stares at her with a smolder that drops all panties in a ten foot radius. She’s over him, and she’ll prove it by getting back into the dating game, Patrick be damned.

Patrick Evans is no stranger to consequences. When your mother walks out, your dad drifts away. When you leave home, you’re on your own. And when you run away from the girl you love, you lose her. He finally has an opportunity to rebuild the bridge he burned, and it’s not one he’ll take for granted. But he’ll have to fight for her, even if it hurts. Even if it means he’ll walk away brokenhearted. Because deep down, he knows that she’s it for him.

The trick will be to get her to admit she feels it too.
Thoughts on Last Call: There are two truths in this world: Staci Hart has fantastic covers for this series and she has the ability to make me tear up with what she puts her characters through. Well played, madam. Well played.

Rose and Patrick. HOLY WOW. Those two are incredibly hot together even when they're not quite at the steaming up the sheets again phase. I mean, they SMOLDER. Not just Patrick's soulful gazes, either. They're just combustible together. IT'S FANTASTIC. I mean, you KNOW it's only a matter of time before they end up giving in to all that intensity.

And when they do? You're waiting for it to fall apart again because they're both a little broken inside and the road to their HEA is going to be crazy bumpy.

I loved every blissfully painful minute of their romance.

No review of this series would be complete without mentioning the other couples we've come to know and love. West and Lily are sickeningly sweet together. Cooper and Maggie are just adorable. We get a few new faces I wouldn't mind seeing more of (Tricky's coworkers seem like they'd be a HOOT to read about) and ...well, actually, that's it. I love the friendships and the camaraderie between them all and want MOAR!

Staci Hart's books make me all gooey inside. And now we have proof that my cold, black heart isn't dead after all. Well played, Hart. Well played.

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