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Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy [Review]

 Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy
Never Let You Go (Never Tear Us Apart #2) by Monica Murphy
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the publisher through NetGalley
Date read: March 7, 2016

Never Tear Us Apart
1. Never Tear Us Apart
2. Never Let You Go - Paperback | Kindle

Monica Murphy
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Darkly sexy, emotional and forbidden, a woman unwittingly falls in love with the son of her abductor. The conclusion of a two-book contemporary romance series by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy.

Lies hurt. Lies destroy. I tried my best to understand why Ethan kept his secrets but it was so hard. Until I realized that I couldn't deny myself any longer -- I needed to be with him. We needed each other. Despite my family's wariness, the media's fascination with us, the fact that his father still has a stranglehold on our lives, we belong together. No matter what. I will never let Ethan go. But sometimes love destroys us too, and we're too weak to banish the demons. Especially when our demons are determined to ruin us...
Thoughts on Never Let You Go: The end of book 1 was rough. Katie felt betrayed by Ethan/Will (with good reason) and she had to figure out what was best for HER before she could move forward. As an aside, I didn't love how her family treated her or how they were constantly pushing her in directions she wasn't ready to go. While I get her mom and sister were overly protective after everything she'd been through, it was hard to read. Especially because their actions came from a place of concern.

BUUUUT...part of Katie's healing was that she had to find herself and take that stand against everyone who knew what was best for her. That includes Ethan/Will. Really, what happened allowed her to find her feet and live again.

By the by, I had some wicked dislike for Lisa Swanson. Pushing to exploit the next big story put her on a path that hurt a lot of people and I gave her angry eyes several times.

Solid story with plenty of emotional drama. With how they met, Katie and Will aren't necessarily a conventional couple, but they're devoted to one another despite the ups and downs and they have the shared bond of what they went through. I guess I'm trying to say I really liked how things played out for these two crazy kids.

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