Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spotlight on... Operation Sasquatch by Kelly Apple

The next to last book in the Monstrous Matchmaker series has arrived! Ari's hairy friend needed some loving and Ari needed to learn how to let go. Or something. So...

 Operation Sasquatch by Kelly Apple
Operation Sasquatch (Monstrous Matchmaker #7)
Ari Colton is a nymph with a mission. She’s found mates for all her other supernatural friends and she’s not about to let the hunky sasquatch go through life without someone to love.

The catch? The only person he’s shown any interest in is one Ari doesn’t know if she can forgive.

But being a responsible adult is more than just keeping house and boning the monster of your dreams whenever the mood takes you.

Never let it be said nymphs aren’t generous and giving. Ari will have to put aside her own feelings to find closure for her mate and help the sasquatch hook up with someone who gets his blood running hot.

Ari Colton is a nymph with a mission and she refuses to let herself fail.

Warning: This book contains forgiveness. From her. And him. And her, again. Oh, and sexy times. Nobody can resist the tentacles!
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