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Blood Charged by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

 Blood Charged by Lindsay Buroker
Blood Charged (Dragon Blood #3) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: May 11, 2016

Dragon Blood
1. Balanced on the Blade's Edge
2. Deathmaker
3. Blood Charged - Paperback | Kindle
4. Patterns in the Dark
5. The Blade's Memory
5.5. Under the Ice Blades
6. Raptor
7. Soul Blade
7.5. Shattered Past

Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sardelle Terushan, sorceress and healer, should be lying low. Magic is forbidden in Iskandia, and magic users are drowned, shot, or otherwise slain. The problem? She's fallen in love with ace fighter pilot and national hero, Colonel Ridge Zirkander, a man whom everybody notices, including the king. It's not long before Sardelle has spies dogging her steps and people trying to blow her up. Worse, her presence is jeopardizing Ridge's career. If she can't find a solution to the nation's centuries-old hatred of magic, the only way to protect Ridge—and herself—may be to leave.

Ridge Zirkander isn't used to worrying about more than shooting down Cofah airships and keeping the officers in his squadron alive, but his world has gotten more complicated since giving his heart to Sardelle. It's difficult to keep people from noticing a mysterious and enigmatic woman, not to mention her chatty sentient sword. He's been passing her off as an archaeologist to his fellow pilots, but when the king calls him in to a private meeting, Ridge fears his secret has been discovered.

But the king—and the rest of the country—has a greater problem. Cofah military scientists have acquired something that shouldn't exist in the world any longer: dragon blood. In addition to having countless mysterious properties, it's a powerful energy source that can be used to create devastating weapons. Ridge, Sardelle, and their allies must travel to the empire as part of a secret strike force to steal the dragon blood. If they fail, the Cofah will finally have the power to destroy all of Iskandia.
Thoughts on Blood Charged: Things are heating up in Iskandia. The Cofah have harnessed something that could turn the tides of battle and Ridge and his crew can't let that happen. You know, because they like their home and don't want to end up dead or enslaved.

It's a rather motley group that Ridge leads on this mission. Let's just say there's a touch of tension in the ranks and leave it at that. Okay, wait. I'm not going to leave it at that. Tolemek's past puts a wee bit of strain on the working relationships in the squad. Since he's, you know, the Deathmaker. Add in Sardelle and Ridge trying to hide Sardelle's magic from those who have been taught to hate and fear magic and you have some FUN times.

Oh, and the group is also smack-dab in the middle of enemy territory and they're dealing with weapons they haven't seen before.


We got more Ridge and Sardelle (I like those two together!) and more Cas and Tolemek (*fist pump* because absent-minded scientists and the ladies who put up with them make me grin), plus a few more crew to round out their group. The mystery of how the Cofah got their hands on the dragon blood is waiting to be uncovered as well as a rescue mission. I'm ready!

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