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A Tiger's Bride by Eve Langlais [Review]

 A Tiger's Bride by Eve Langlais
A Tiger's Bride (A Lion's Pride #4) by Eve Langlais
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 14, 2016

A Lion's Pride
1. When an Alpha Purrs
2. When a Beta Roars
3. When an Omega Snaps
4. A Tiger's Bride - Paperback | Kindle
5. When a Lioness Snarls
6. When a Lioness Pounces
7. When a Lioness Growls

Eve Langlais
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When at first you don’t succeed—turn to abduction.

It’s all in a day’s work when this Siberian tiger meets the woman he wants.

An accidental kidnapping? Check.

A forced marriage? Check.

A virgin bride? Damn. There go his plans for seduction and here comes the pressure into making her first time perfect. Because everyone knows that's the one she'll remember, forever. Gulp.

Add in a plane crash as well as hunters out to capture them and the heat is truly on.

Can this Siberian tiger meet the challenge?
Thoughts on A Tiger's Bride: I get SUCH A KICK out of Eve Langlais's books. Her characters are ridiculously arrogant and I can't help but love them for it. I mean, Dimitri does EVERYTHING wrong - from stalking Teena's sister to drugging and (accidentally) kidnapping Teena and forcing her to marry him to... does there really need to be more? - and he's still charming enough to get away with it AND get the girl.

Darn arrogant, charming tigers who have no problem getting bloodthirsty when the time calls for it!

So. Dimitri and Teena. Twin of Meena. Teena is a wee bit accident prone. No, it's not even that. She's a trouble magnet and if something can go wrong when she's around, it will. Things like airplane doors popping open when she touches one tiny, little lever. Or furniture breaking as soon as she sits on it to seduce her man. THINGS HAPPEN. Given she deals with it all the time, she's pretty cool when they do. I admire that. Acting cool when you get dumped on your butt by faulty furniture is something I personally strive for.

I need to get caught up with this series. It makes me laugh. More a giggle-snort than a laugh, but you get the point. Shapeshifters just make me happy, okay?!?!

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