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Beyond Ecstasy by Kit Rocha [Review]

 Beyond Ecstasy by Kit Rocha
Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond #8) by Kit Rocha
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 19, 2016

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2. Beyond Control
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3.5. Beyond Temptation
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5.5. Beyond Possession
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8. Beyond Ecstasy - Kindle
9. Beyond Surrender

Kit Rocha
Kit Rocha is the non-paranormal pen name for the fabulous writing duo Bree and Donna. They also write paranormal sexiness as Moira Rogers and new adult sexiness as Joelle Knox.
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The O’Kanes have a reputation for working hard and playing harder—except for Hawk. He joined the gang with one goal: to ensure his family’s survival through the impending war with Eden. It’s been years since he had the luxury of wanting anything for himself. Now, he wants Jeni. From the first moment he saw her, he’s been obsessed with making her his. Not for a night—forever.

Jeni’s been lusting after the former smuggler for months, but he keeps shutting her down. She’s almost given up on getting him in her bed when he offers her the last thing she ever expected—a collar. Accepting it means belonging to him, body and soul. It’s a reckless gamble, but Jeni can’t resist the chance to slip under Hawk’s armor.

The only thing more shocking than the dark, dangerous pleasure they discover is how right it feels. But falling in love is even more reckless when forever is far from guaranteed. Because they aren’t just at war, they’re out of time—and every breath could be their last.
Thoughts on Beyond Ecstasy: THIS BOOK, MAN! It made me all tense and worried and OMG! SO GOOD! I'm equal parts thrilled and terrified knowing there's only one more book in this series. The O'Kanes are electrifying and heartbreaking and the way they love with everything inside them makes me swoony. That said, they do deserve a measure of peace after how hard they'd scrapped to make things work in their world. Plus, Eden can suck it.

So. War has come. Eden has dropped the hammer (or turned on the electrified wall. Whatever.) and it's do or die for Dallas and his crew AND all the other sectors. That doesn't mean there's not time for relationships to bloom and sexy times to happen, though. Maybe the threat of what's in the very near future makes Jeni and Hawk a little more reckless than they would have been otherwise. Maybe under other circumstances they would have taken things a little slower. But they work with what they're given and, while it's not always a smooth ride, they build something.

Seriously, they have their share of bumps. Hawk blames himself for things out of his control. Jeni rushes in when she should pause and evaluate. But they try. And they love. And it's as explosive as any other O'Kane relationship.

Danger is always present (more so now than ever before) and the layers of rot within the upper levels of Eden are becoming more apparent by the day. Bad things are coming. Heck, bad things are here. But the O'Kanes (and the other sectors) are ready. They have to be.

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