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Bound By Seduction by Trish McCallan [Review]

 Bound By Seduction by Trish McCallan
Bound By Seduction (Red-Hot SEALs #2.5) by Trish McCallan
Format: ebook
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Date read: June 13, 2016

Red-Hot SEALs
1. Forged in Fire
2. Forged in Ash
2.5. Bound By Seduction  -  Kindle
3. Forged in Smoke
4. Forged in Ember

Trish McCallan
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A woman on the prowl…
After three years of grieving, widow Demi Barnes is ready for another relationship—a purely physical relationship. One that won’t involve her heart, interfere with her life or tarnish the love she still carries for her beloved husband. Aiden Winchester, her best friend’s brother, fits the bill. As an active operator within the elite SEAL program, he’s rarely home, and his dangerous career insures she’ll lock down any stray feelings for fear he’ll break her already fragile heart. And then there’s the way his long, lean body, chiseled features and delicious ass launch a full array of tingles, chills and hormonal meltdowns whenever he’s near. The problem? Aiden’s barely aware she exists.

A SEAL on a mission…
Aiden Winchester wanted Demi Barnes the moment his sister introduced them, but she was married and off limits. After her husband’s death, he battened down his hunger and waited for her to open herself emotionally. But when he discovers the woman he’s lusted after for five long years is about to embark on a rebound fling with someone else, it’s full steam ahead and all ammunition on deck. The only man Demi will take to bed—or on the kitchen table or up against the wall—is him. And it won't be a short-term fling.

A double-edged seduction…
On the battlefield of desire every advantage counts, so when a persistent admirer turns stalker, Aiden grabs the opportunity to move in with Demi under the guise of protection. The two square off in a close-quarters battle of the heart—but when the passion settles and the sheets cool, will their connection prove fleeting or permanent?
Thoughts on Bound By Seduction: While this novella definitely sets up the romance between Demi and Aiden, there's certainly more to tell. Because they're both determined in their own way and right now their expectations on where this affair is leading differ greatly.

(Honestly, Demi might be strong-willed and able to hold her own against Aiden, but my money's on the tough-as-nails SEAL when it comes down to this romance.)

We get to meet more of the guys who make up ST7 (I like ALL of them, to be honest, and wouldn't mind getting to see them each find their special lady friends), watch an overzealous suitor brought down a peg or two, and get some smokin' time between the sheets with two people who are more than ready to get frisky.

I really enjoy these books and hope we get many, many more chances to see how hard these warriors with a little something extra fall when they meet the right person.

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