Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker [Quickie Review]

 Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker
Hot as Hell (Deep Six #0.5) by Julie Ann Walker
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 6/17/16
Date read:June 17, 2016

Deep Six
0.5. Hot as Hell - Kindle
1. Hell or High Water
2. Devil and the Deep

Julie Ann Walker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Harper Searcy didn't want to fall for a soldier, but she couldn't forget her hot Navy SEAL friend or their one night stand. When the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan where she works comes under attack by terrorists, there is only one man she knows who would move heaven and earth to rescue her: Michael "Mad Dog" Wainwright.
Thoughts on Hot as Hell: This is a short little introductory story that lets us get to meet some of the SEALs who would go on to treasure hunt and do other fun things later on. As it turns out, Michael isn't one of those planning on joining his treasure hunting brothers. Which really has no bearing on this story since there's no treasure hunting involved.

Unless you count the treasure in their pants. *snickers at myself*

Anywho. There's nothing better than locking two people with chemistry and some unresolved relationship issues in a room together while danger lurks outside. THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU DO THAT. Sexy things. As they should.

Short, but enjoyable. I kinda dig how whole-heartedly these SEALs throw themselves into relationships. *thumbs up*

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