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Frost Station Alpha: The Complete Series by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 Frost Station Alpha by Ruby Lionsdrake
Frost Station Alpha: The Complete Series by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
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Date read: July 7, 2016

Frost Station Alpha
1. Hunted
2. Seduction
3. Pirates
4. Contagion
5. Glaciem
6. Reckoning
Frost Station Alpha: The Complete SeriesKindle

Ruby Lionsdrake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lieutenant Tamryn Pavlenko wants to make a name for herself in the GalCon Fleet, so naturally she requests an assignment on the infamous Frost Station Alpha, where pirate attacks are a way of life. The remote research outpost holds secrets that many are willing to kill for, and Tamryn is prepared to protect it from brigands, mobsters, and mercenaries—or whatever the galaxy throws at her.

The brochure, however, failed to mention the genetically engineered super humans who were supposed to have all been killed in a war that ended more than a century ago. It seems they’re not only alive, but they want the station. Oh, and one of them decides he wants Tamryn too.

This powerful warrior might be sexy and intriguing, but he was bred to kill, and she can’t let herself forget that he’s the enemy.

This ebook contains the complete Frost Station Alpha serial, previously published in six installments.
Thoughts on Frost Station Alpha: The Complete Series: I read part one of the serial a while back and REALLY liked pretty much everything about it. This is in no way surprising since it appears to be set in the same world/galaxy as the Mandrake Company books and I'm smitten with those.

So. Tamryn and Makkon. They start out on very different sides when they first meet. Makkon and his buddies storm the station in an effort to save their people. Tamryn is doing her duty to protect the station from nefarious acts. So, yeah, they clash.

Until they don't.

Actually, the don't part takes a while. They have to go through the grudging admiration phase and the he's hot, but I shouldn't want him phase. Once they team up to battle a common enemy, though, there's no going back. Except that one time. And maybe that other.

The point is, they find common ground of a sorts and things proceed from there.

Danger, bloodshed, pirates, aliens and...other stuff. I was totally digging this book.

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