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Breaking All the Rules by Karen Erickson [Review]

 Breaking All the Rules by Karen Erickson
Breaking All the Rules by Karen Erickson
Format: ebook
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Date read: July 12, 2016

Karen Erickson (AKA Monica Murphy)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Stephanie Shaw is beyond desperate to write her own column at San Francisco’s City magazine. Researching the hottest sexual fantasies of the young and single in the city sounds perfect. But she has one HUGE problem: she has no one to put her extensive research to the test.

Sexy as sin former pro baseball superstar Justin “The Hawk” Hawkins values his privacy above all else. Recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident that ended his career too soon, he’s laying low. He certainly didn’t expect to run into a gorgeous girl at a party—and end up having sex with her in a limo.

One taste and they can’t get enough. Soon they’re hooking up in all sorts of unusual places—and falling for each other. But Stephanie’s conflicted. Justin will hate her forever if he finds out she’s detailing their every sexual escapade in her anonymous column for all the city to read.

When the truth is revealed, will Justin be able to forgive Stephanie? Or will her deception ruin them forever?
Thoughts on Breaking All the Rules: I liked this book well enough. Or maybe it was more like I could understand where Stephanie was coming from as far as telling Justin about her column. Buuuuut, I really didn't like how the reveal on what she did happened. Mostly because I thought Stephanie's boss's reason for doing what she did was weak. It almost felt like there were two different characters there and one was the hard-nosed editor riling up these two column writers for hot columns and the other was this weak-willed woman being led astray by a man. And...I didn't get it. While her actions got Stephanie and Justin where they needed to be in the end, I REALLY had to suspend my disbelief on her reasoning.

That said, I did like Stephanie. I did like Justin. I didn't think Stephanie's roommate was nearly as bad as Stephanie implied, seeing as how she ended up helping out in a big way. The whole work atmosphere at Stephanie's job was creepy. That was a big, honking sexual harassment charge waiting to happen if ever I've read one.

Overall, I thought the relationship played out well, I just couldn't get behind her editor's actions. AT ALL. Oh, and semi-public sex when you're trying to fly under the radar isn't recommended. Just sayin'.

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