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Rejecting Destiny by Christi Snow [Review]

 Rejecting Destiny by Christi Snow
Rejecting Destiny (Through the Veil #3) by Christi Snow
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: September 6, 2016

Through the Veil
1. Through the Veil
2. Allied in Flight
3. Rejecting Destiny - Paperback | Kindle

Christi Snow
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
She has one final chance to embrace her destiny or lose it all.

Twenty years ago Bethany Harris fell in love with Aaron Vaughn, but then she shattered his heart. When the Veil fell two years later, she became the leader of the Western States. She wasn’t ready for the job, but she stepped up and did it. She couldn’t have done that without Aaron’s friendship and support.

Since then they’ve become lovers in the physical sense, but Bethany continues to keep her distance. She lost the right to Aaron’s love a long time ago.

Now things have changed. What once defined their world may no longer be true. With the turmoil that follows, Bethany must lead her people into a terrifying new era. She’s reeling and doubting herself more than ever. But when Aaron brings home her biggest challenge, it may be one too many.

To succeed she has to face her biggest fear...trusting the strength of the relationship between her and Aaron, or else risk losing it all. She could lose her job, her people, but most of all the man she’s loved almost her whole life.
Thoughts on Rejecting Destiny: I'm not SAYING this book made me teary-eyed or anything, but if it did it was because of all the weight Bethany's been carrying on her shoulders since she stepped in as the leader of the survivors of the Veil. The lady is strong, but she's also given everything to the people she's tried to lead and it's wearing on her. Throw in the changes happening in the Western States and the secret guilt she's been carrying for the past twenty years and you can see how she's a little overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, there's Aaron. He's stood beside Bethany through all the upheaval and turmoil. Together, they've kept their community afloat and given their people something to strive for. But he knows everything's not perfect with Beth and that she keeps her heart apart from him. Which, quite naturally, causes some problems.

I like how things are changing for the survivors. I'm not quite sure what these changes mean as far as the future is concerned, but there's STUFF going on. Stuff. Big stuff. Stuff that could mean great things for everyone involved.

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