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A Geek Girl's Guide to Justice by Julie Anne Lindsey [Review]

 A Geek Girl's Guide to Justice by Julie Anne Lindsey
A Geek Girl's Guide to Justice (Geek Girl Mysteries #3) by Julie Anne Lindsey
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: September 12, 2016

Geek Girl Mysteries
1. A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder
2. A Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic
3. A Geek Girl's Guide to Justice - Kindle

Julie Anne Lindsey
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Mia Connors finally has this #adulting thing under control. She's set to launch a massive project at work, her social calendar is filling up and, if you can believe it, she might finally get the guy. But when one of her grandparents' close friends is discovered floating in the lake—D-E-A-D—all she's after is justice. And there's only one person who can make that happen.

Deputy US Marshal Jake Archer is working undercover when he gets the call about a murder in Horseshoe Falls. The vic may have been close with Mia's family, but it doesn't take long for Jake to discover that he had far more enemies than friends.

Horseshoe Falls is abuzz with news of the murder, and Mia's determined to get to the bottom of things, despite Jake's direct order to stand back. Jake didn't open his heart to the possibility of a future with someone just to let her get herself killed. Now they have to contain the panic within Horseshoe Falls, apprehend the fugitive and figure out how to salvage their relationship—before Mia finds herself in the crosshairs.
Thoughts on A Geek Girl's Guide to Justice: You know, I get that family is family and there are a lot of things you'd put up with from a blood relation that you wouldn't put up with from someone else. Buuuut...Mia's sister's demands drove me batty. BATTY. She mellowed out--EVENTUALLY--but it took me a long time to tone down my death-glare.

Now that I have that off my chest, let's focus on Mia and her penchant for finding dead bodies in the most unlikely of places.

Thing #1: Mia found a dead body. Again. She's super good at that. She's also pretty darn good at ferreting out who did it. I guess if you're going to have a set of skills, those are ones that go together well. As good as she is at finding the bodies, she's not so great at interpersonal relationships. The lady takes awkward to a new level.

Thing #2: Jake and Mia are definitely a thing. Kind of. I mean, they'd be even more of a thing if their timing ever lined up. Carving out an hour or two to grab something to eat takes effort with these two. Serious effort.

Thing #3: Mia thinks she's a superwoman. In a lot of ways, she is. But she's juggling a lot of balls and it's starting to wear on her. Her family isn't helping in that regard, either. Did you see that part about her sister's demands? Yeah. Her family is kinda pushy. Again, I get why Mia helps out when called, but sometimes you have to put your foot down. Hard.

I like Mia's crazy, high-energy life. She gets more done in a day than most people get done all week. She is a glorious case of chaos who manages to see things from a slightly different angle. I cna appreciate that.

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