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Pirate by Eve Langlais [Review]

Pirate by Eve Langlais
Pirate (Space Gypsy Chronicles #1) by Eve Langlais
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: September 5, 2016

Space Gypsy Chronicles
1. Pirate - Paperback | Kindle
2. Sinner
3. Rebel
4. King

Eve Langlais
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Earth: a space pirate’s dream when it comes to booty, but not a good place to hide when bounty hunters come looking. Pulling up stakes means Rafe must leave his vintage trailer behind, but in the process he acquires a passenger, a mouthy female who seems to think she’s calling the shots.

She’ll soon learn who’s the captain. And it isn’t Annabelle, his sassy ship.

A true red-blooded male, Rafe does his best to teach Emma her place in the universe, but her human attitude gets in the way. So why doesn’t he sell her when he gets the chance?

Damned if he knows, but despite his motto of 'The Universe Revolves Around Me', he finds himself putting his life in peril to save hers. But that doesn’t mean he’s letting her in on all his secrets. Some things a man has to carry alone, and some revelations a pirate will kill to keep.

The universe might be out to get him, but he’s not giving in without a fight.
Thoughts on Pirate: Heee! A new space-faring romance from Eve Langlais. *high fives self enthusiastically*

So. Rafe is your average space pirate looking for his next score. Ha. Yeah, right. He's more like a perpetually horny frat boy who looks to be hiding a secret or two under his nipple-less skin. Sure, he's convinced that the only good woman can be found on her back, but he soon learns that earth girls aren't made to take things lying down. No, wait. Some things are better when lying down. AMIRITE?!?!

I know! I make myself laugh, too.

Anyway. Rafe and Emma. He's never met a woman who intrigues him like she does. She's determined to milk her outer space adventure for all its worth. Even when it lands her in hot water.

There's danger brewing in the stars for these two. Just you wait!

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