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The Year of the Crocodile by Courtney Milan [Review]

 The Year of the Crocodile by Courtney Milan
The Year of the Crocodile (Cyclone #2.5) by Courtney Milan
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: September 13, 2016

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2. Hold Me
2.5. The Year of the CrocodileKindle
3. Find Me

Courtney Milan
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Tina Chen and Blake Reynolds have been together for almost a year. In that time, they’ve grown closer on just about every front. The one exception? Blake’s father has never let anything stop him. Tina’s parents have never let anyone push them around. And they’ve never met.

That’s about to change. But don’t worry—fireworks are traditional at Chinese New Years.
Thoughts on Year of the Crocodile: Oh my goodness, I had forgotten how much I like Adam Effing Reynolds. The guy is a foul-mouthed stick of dynamite and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he expresses himself. I also love how much he adores his son.

But this short is about more than AFR. It's also about Tina's parents and their own brand of dynamite. Not going to lie, Tina's mom's cake was...genius. Utterly fantastic. She does me proud. The woman isn't afraid to speak (or draw) her mind. I appreciate that.

And then there's Tina and Blake. THOSE TWO. I like them. I like them very, very much. From Blake's intensity when he's focused on a problem to Tina's creativity when it comes to carving out some alone time for the two of them. *thumbs up*

This series, man. It's good. Very good. It's highly possible AFR might actually kill me dead before it's over. THAT GUY!

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