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Darkangel by Christine Pope [Review]

 Darkangel by Christine Pope
Darkangel (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill #1) by Christine Pope
Format: ebook
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Date read: September 19, 2016

The Witches of Cleopatra Hill
1. Darkangel - Paperback | Kindle
2. Darknight
3. Darkmoon
4 Sympathetic Magic
5. Protector
6. Spellbound
7. A Cleopatra Hill Christmas
8. Impractical Magic

Christine Pope
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Finding the man of your dreams can be a real nightmare….

As the future prima, or head witch of her clan, Angela McAllister is expected to bond with her consort during her twenty-first year, thus ensuring that she will come into her full powers at the appointed time. The clock is ticking down, and her consort has yet to make an appearance. Instead, her dreams are haunted by a man she’s never seen, the one she believes must be her intended match.

But with time running out, and dark forces attempting to seize her powers for their own, Angela is faced with a terrible choice: give up her dreams of the man she may never meet and take the safer path, or risk leaving her clan and everyone in it at the mercy of those who seek their ruin.

Darkangel is the first book in the Witches of Cleopatra Hill, a paranormal romance trilogy set in the haunted town of Jerome, Arizona.
Thoughts on Darkangel: I'm going back and forth on this book. I like the world and the problems that have been laid out for the characters. However, I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers and this book ends without resolution to Angela's issues. AT ALL. In fact, I'd say we're left with her in a very precarious situation and no idea how she's going to get out of it.

So...I'm torn. But I do like the world. Witches, man! Separated by clans and treaties and all that good stuff. Plus, there's the chance for some serious soul mate stuff and that's always fun. The secrets kept from Angela were a little less fun, but I kinda (sorta, a teeny-tiny bit) got where her aunt was coming from in not telling her. AT FIRST. But when the magical date is fast approaching and the soul mate hasn't shown, don't you think you should spill the beans about the options open to her? Maybe it's just me.

And that's about all I'm going to say as far as the plot goes. Stuff happens. It causes things. Anything else would be spoiler-y.

Bottom line: I like the world, I wasn't thrilled with not getting resolution about Angela's issues.

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