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The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

 The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker
The Rogue Prince (Sky Full of Stars #1) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: April 5, 2017

Sky Full of Stars
0.5. Smuggler Ship
1. The Rogue Prince - Kindle
2. Angle of Truth
3. Stolen Legacy
3.5. Combat Support

Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Starseer, pilot, and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she’s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business. When she finally talks them into getting a second ship and letting her fly it, it doesn’t faze her that the craft is decades old and looks like a turtle. This is the chance she’s craved for years.

But it’s not long before the opportunity to rescue mistreated lab animals lures her from her parentally approved cargo run and embroils her in a battle between warring corporations. To further complicate matters, her childhood friend Thorian, prince of the now defunct Sarellian Empire, is in trouble with Alliance law and needs her help.

Torn between her duty to her family and doing what she believes is honorable, Jelena is about to learn that right and wrong are never as simple as they appear and that following your heart can get you killed.
Thoughts on The Rogue Prince: I was ITCHING to find out what happened to Thorian after the events in Fallen Empire. I'm so pleased to find out. Well, pleased being relative, since Thor isn't in the best place mentally. I mean, he's not unhinged or anything, he'd just...doing stuff. You know. Stuff. Not so good stuff.

But that happens, right? I can't even say I completely blame him for doing what he's doing. I mean, look at the events that shaped a large portion of his formative years. They were messy and brutal and he lost EVERYTHING when the empire fell. Plus, his teachers seem to be using somewhat questionable teaching methods and that's never good.

But that's enough about Thor. Let's talk about Jelena. She's still obsessed with animals and she's determined to use what little freedom she's wrangled from her overprotective mom and cyborg step-dad to rescue a few poor souls. Which, uhh, ends up pretty much the way you'd expect any mission planned and executed by the daughter of Alisa Marchenko to end up. Which is to say with many close calls and possibly a few explosions.


We got to revisit a few old favorites (growly Leonidas is always a pleasure) and see just how well Alisa's sense of adventure has rubbed off on her daughter. *thumbs up*

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