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Assassin's Awakening by N.J. Walters [Review]

 Assassin's Awakening by N.J. Walters
Assassin's Awakening (Project Alpha #2) by N.J. Walters
Format: ebook
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Date read: October 18, 2016

Project Alpha
1. Embracing Silence
2. Assassin's AwakeningKindle
3. Alpha's Revenge

N.J. Walters
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Logan is pure Alpha, a genetically enhanced human who has escaped from the brutal gated city in which he was designed, and from the creators who want him dead. Running for his life across a ravaged Earth, Logan’s goal is to survive. It’s in his blood. Until he awakens wounded, bound and naked, exposed to a beautiful stranger. Now he's vulnerable to sensations he’s never felt before.

Mercy Dockins has tended to many wounded men, but none as intoxicatingly perfect as Logan. Or as responsive to her curative strokes. But as passion ignites between them, Mercy’s very purpose in the bleak new world order is shaken to its core: Logan has brought her not only ecstasy, but danger, too. He's drawn the enemy to her sanctuary, and now their love could soon be just another casualty of war.
Thoughts on Assassin's Awakening: Yessssss. Genetically enhanced soldiers are the cherry on top of the post-apocalyptic pie. They have all these outstanding advantages and then they get turned on by the very people who made them into what they are. HOW CAN I RESIST THIS? (Spoiler: I can't.)

Logan is just the type of engineered soldier I love. He's fast and smart and he cares enough to not let the people he comes in contact with become collateral damage. When that person happens to be Mercy, he goes into full-on protective mode. Which is utterly sweet and completely badass.

Not that Mercy needs Logan's protection. She's smart and determined and she has several very good reasons for keeping herself safe. So when things turn sour and her community is caught in the crossfire, the couple have the means to defend all the things important to them.

As an aside, genetically engineered soldiers burn fast and hot. And all night. *finger guns*

Loving these Alphas and all they're willing to do to protect those who need their help.

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