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Axion by Erin Kellison [Review]

 Axion by Erin Kellison
Axion (Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides #2) by Erin Kellison
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: October 21, 2016

Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides
1. Quantum
2. AxionKindle
3. Paradox

Erin Kellison
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A close encounter in time...

Leif is an emissary to Earth on a mission to find a human bride for his Leader. He’s depending on the Red Rock Intergalactic Dating Agency to identify a suitable prospect and is shocked when that woman is Nina Simms, an intelligent and beautiful female who gets under his metallic gold skin like no other.

Nina wants to find an alien mate so she can dive into the deep black of space and explore other worlds among the stars. She doesn’t expect a Leif from the future to stagger into her life with a message: not only is he her mate, but he must also use his skills as an assassin, his function during the last intergalactic war, to save the people of Earth.

The past and future collide, and as passions ignite, mission and mating take a turn for the dangerous.
Thoughts on Axion: Man, I like these aliens. They're hunky and driven and some of them *might* be a wee bit conflicted on what path they're going to take with the Light. *cough*Leif*cough* Good thing his future self shows up to put things in perspective.

And, you know, he's smart enough to sort through all the information he's been given before deciding what his next step is going to be. Even when the information is coming directly from him. (Time travel! It makes things so complicated sometimes, doesn't it?)

It should be noted that Leif and Nina aren't necessarily BFFs on their way to a happily ever after before future Leif drops in. Leif is sort of perpetually irritated with her, actually. And his irritation makes Nina poke at him, which irritates him more. It's a vicious cycle of irritation and I find it immensely amusing.

That said, things take a turn when events are put in motion that could endanger Nina. Leif realizes Nina isn't nearly as bad as he's made her out to be and Nina finds herself liking the side of Leif that emerges. As you can imagine, they take things from there.

I'm really enjoying this series and all the craziness that goes along with time travel and aliens. Genetically engineered alien soldiers do it for me, apparently.

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