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Not So Little Green Man by Erin Tate [Review]

 Not So Little Green Man by Erin Tate
Not So Little Green Man (Celestial Mates #1) by Erin Tate
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: October 25, 2016

Celestial Mates
1. Not So Little Green Man - Kindle

Erin Tate (aka Celia Kyle)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
What’s a big, bad (sometimes green) alien to do when he wants a mate who isn’t motivated by greed? Contact Celestial Mates. After all, their business is romancing the galaxy.

Since she’s creeping up on the age of bearing service, the Earth government wants Jassa to have a baby and then hand it off for a family to raise, but Jassa wants her own family. Which means calling Celestial Mates. One questionnaire, a bit of blood, and a race to get away from the Department of Population, and she’s got her wish—tall, sexy as hell, and occasionally green alien Vroe, the High Warlord of Vialea.

Vroe aches for a mate who doesn’t see him as just a rise in status. He wishes for warmth and affection and goes to Celestial Mates to find… Jassa Marizen. Yet his ideas about mating—Jassa mating him and forever being known as only Vrya—collide with hers. She doesn’t want to lose her past. He wants her to embrace her future.

And then there’s this other woman… She just wants Vroe to herself.
Thoughts on Not So Little Green Man: Aww, guys. This one was fun. A human woman who just wants the chance to have her own family gets matched up with a hunky alien trying to find someone to love. SHENANIGANS ENSUE. Well, not shenanigans, exactly. More like cultural differences. And mating fun! Sort of.

I mean, it takes a while to get to the mating part. FOR REASONS. Actually, it's because tall, sometimes-green, and hunky is worried about giving it to his new lady love. You know, because they REALLY GIVE IT TO THE LADIES.

That's understandable, really, since nobody wants to ruin their lady friend on their first time around.

On top of the relationship issues, the lovebirds are also dealing with some dissension in the ranks. As it turns out, not everybody can be trusted and you need to watch your back when you're in full-on mating mode. That's just a good rule of thumb in general, actually.

Bottom line: Liiiiiked it! Fun with a sometimes-green hunk.

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