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Joshua by Christi Snow [Review]

 Joshua by Christi Snow
Joshua (Male Model Chronicles #3) by Christi Snow
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: November 19, 2016

Male Model Chronicles
1. Justin
2. Lance
3. JoshuaPaperback | Kindle

Christi Snow
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
December is the time for romance, twinkling lights, and roaring fires in the fireplace. It’s also time for the annual Holiday Fantasy Lingerie show. This year, the show has a masculine twist with the introduction of male models who were once soldiers.

Joshua Scott Brown has made quite a name for himself as a male fitness model since he got out of the Air Force. But nothing prepares him for the media circus that occurs after he catches one of the female lingerie models during the live show, preventing her from a ten foot fall. Now the lingerie company wants to turn that media coverage into holiday profit by pairing him up romantically with the model. Unfortunately, he only has eyes for Autumn Layne, the publicist who keeps pushing him into another woman’s arms.
Thoughts on Joshua: Ahh, yisssss. Hot male model in a holiday lingerie show who ends up in a weirdly complicated situation thanks to his kind heart. Is there anything more tempting than a hottie who only wants to help despite how it complicates his life? I THINK NOT.

Unless it's stolen kisses with the lady he's really interested in. Stolen because he doesn't want to mess up the PR campaign he's agreed to and land Autumn in hot water with her company.

(And since I brought it up, SISTERS, MAN! Sisters. They really know how to put the hurt on when they're hurting themselves, don't they?)

Throw in a little danger, a little gaming nerdery, a little holiday getaway and...err, I'm sure there was more. Needless to say, it ends up fun. Well, the danger part wasn't fun. But the other parts were. Fun and sexy! Seriously, danger never looked so good as when one hunky former soldier is stepping up to keep his lady friend (and anyone else with them) safe. *nods*

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