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Managed by Kristen Callihan [Review]

 Managed by Kristen Callihan
Managed (VIP #2) by Kristen Callihan
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 20, 2016

1. Idol
2. ManagedPaperback | Kindle

Kristen Callihan
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It started off as a battle of wits. Me: the ordinary girl with a big mouth against Him: the sexy bastard with a big...ego.

I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I was upgraded to first class on my flight to London.

That is until HE sat next to me. Gabriel Scott: handsome as sin, cold as ice. Nothing and no one gets to him. Ever. He’s a legend in his own right, the manager of the biggest rock band in the world, and an arrogant ass who looks down his nose at me.

I thought I’d give him hell for one, long flight. I didn’t expect to like him. I didn’t expect to want him. But the biggest surprise? He wants me too. Only in a way I didn’t see coming.

If I accept his proposal, I leave myself open to falling for the one man I can’t manage. But I’m tempted to say yes. Because the real man beneath those perfect suits and that cool fa├žade just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I just might be the only one who can melt the ice around his heart.

Let the battle begin…
Thoughts on Managed: Oh, mah goodness. I liked Killian quite a bit in book 1. I LOVED Gabriel. There's just something about a stern, buttoned down, no-nonsense man cutting loose and figuring out he's head over heels for someone that makes my heart go pitter patter. You, Mr. Gabriel Scott, are a winner.

Seriously, Gabriel comes across as cold and focused to most everyone. And he is those things. But he's also passionate and trying so desperately to protect his heart it hurts a little to read about. Those lightning bolt moments where he comes to realize he *might* be a little more invested in Sophie's well-being than he normally is were fantastic. Gabriel Scott is complicated and deep, he just hides it well.

And then there's Sophie. She's almost Gabriel's opposite in that she doesn't hide her emotions. She enjoys verbally sparring with him and she's gleeful whenever she coaxes him a little further out of his shell. Simply put, the chatty girl is an excellent foil for the man who hides everything behind a mask.

This review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the band. I honestly adore their tightness as a group and how they've reached the place where they stand together again when one of them needs a helping hand. I'm already giddy over the thought of the rest of the band fumbling their way into love. Those guys, man. They're going to make such a mess of things before they find their HEA.

I can't wait!

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