Friday, June 30, 2017

RtP 2017 Series Tracking - April-June

While I'm not hosting an official Seriously Series Challenge this year, I liked being able to track series I've completed. So... here we are. Tracking some series.

By category:
Series started in 2017: 19/12
Series started before 2017: 23/12
Series rereads: 9/9

By month:
  • Started in 2017:
    • Completed: 11
      • A Lot Like Love (Hold On Tight)
      • Bad Boy Romance (Baby, Come Back)
      • Bad Things (The Devil in Disguise)
      • Beards & Bondage (Haven)
      • Hidden Legacy (Burn For Me)
      • Howls Romance (Hunted by the Dragon Duke)
      • Innkeeper Chronicles (Clean Sweep, Sweep in Peace, One Fell Sweep)
      • Naked Brews (Deliciously Thick)
      • October Daye (Rosemary and Rue)
      • Sky Full of Stars (The Rogue Prince, Angle of Truth)
      • Veredian Chronicles (Escaping Fate)
    • In progress: 3
      • Blank Canvas (Under Her Skin)
      • Fireblood Dragons (Fire in His Blood)
      • Princess (His Princess, Stolen Princess)
  • Started before 2017:
    • Completed: 4
      • Fallen Empire (Hope Springs)
      • Kinky Chronicles (Frisky Business)
      • Preternatural Affairs (Bitter Thirst)
      • Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries (Sweet Tea and Spirits)
    • In progress: 2
      • Sectors SF (Hostage to the Stars)
      • Shifters Unbound (Hard Mated)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 1
      • Pride (Like a Wolf with a Bone, The Mane Event, The Beast in Him, The Mane Attraction, The Mane Squeeze, Beast Behaving Badly, Big Bad Beast, Bear Meets Girl, Wolf With Benefits, Bite Me)
    • In progress: 1
      • Alien Abduction (Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction, Dual Abduction)
  • Started in 2017:
    • Completed: 4
      • Blank Canvas (In His Hands)
      • Fireblood Dragons (Fire in His Kiss)
      • Powertools (Kate's Crew, Morgan's Surprise)
      • Zodiac Cyborgs (Her Empath, Cyborg Revealed)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Started before 2017:
    • Completed: 9
      • Cy-Ops (Married to the Cyborg)
      • Cyborg Sizzle (Chasing Mayhem)
      • Demonica Underworld (Hades, Z)
      • Dragons of Preor (Taulan, Kozav)
      • Immortal Ops (Critical Intelligence)
      • The Phoenix Adventures (Through Uncharted Space)
      • Purgatory (Mark of the Vampire, Deal with the Devil)
      • Shifters Unbound (Primal Bonds, Perfect Mate)
      • Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries (Dog Gone Ghost)
    • In progress: 1
      • Ice Planet Barbarians (Prison Planet Barbarian)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 3
      • Alien Abduction (Mercenary Abduction, Heroic Abduction, Holiday Abduction, Reader Abduction)
      • Castles Ever After (Romancing the Duke, Say Yes to the Marquess, When a Scot Ties the Knot)
      • Demonica Underworld (Azagoth)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Started in 2017:
    • Completed: 4
      • Dana McIntyre Must Die (Drawing Dead)
      • The Debt (The Debt, Lost Without You, Where I Belong)
      • Princess (Claimed Princess, Forbidden Princess, Unexpected Princess)
      • Rocky Mountain K9 Unit (On the Chase)
    • In progress: 1 
      • Star Guardians (Orion, Treyjon)
  • Started before 2017:
    • Completed: 10 
      • Black Hills Wolves Matchmaker (Amber's Ace)
      • Eternal Mates (Turned by a Tiger)
      • F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation (The Sin Eater)
      • Furry United Coalition (Ostrich and the 'Roo)
      • Gemini (Wolf at the Door, Over the Moon)
      • Ice Planet Barbarians (Barbarian's Rescue)
      • Moonshadow (Spellbinder),
      • Search and Rescue (After the End)
      • Six Pack Ranch (Rocky Mountain Haven, Rocky Mountain Home)
      • Winston Brothers (Grin and Beard It)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 2 
      • Darkest Powers (The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning, Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1, Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2)
      • Gemini (Dead in the Water, Head Above Water, Hell or High Water, Fish Out of Water)
    • In progress: -none-

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