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One Year by Amanda Shofner [Review]

One Year (Brewing in the Cities Shorts #2) by Amanda Shofner
Format: ebook
Source: provided as a freebie through author newsletter
Date read: December 11, 2016

Brewing in the Cities Shorts
1. One Night
2. One YearNewsletter sign-up
3. One Lifetime

Amanda Shofner
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Nights turn to days, and days to months.

As their one-year anniversary approaches, the first sign of trouble appears. Tony’s mother drops by for a visit—a surprise to Drea, not Tony. The omission leads Drea on a journey she never thought she’d take.

Months turn to years, and years to a lifetime.

He thought he was protecting her from more pain. But Tony can’t stop what’s been put in motion, and he’s about to learn just what Drea means to him.
Thoughts on One Year: Picking up a year after their fateful night (hence the title), Drea and Tony seem to have a relationship that's all kisses and sweet, sweet lovin'. Until Tony makes a mistake that pushes Drea into a bad place in her head. Poor lady. Honestly, I felt bad for both of them. They both had their reasons for acting/reacting as they did and they both tried to deal with things as best they could.

Which is to say, they had to figure out what they meant to one another before things went terminally south and there was no coming back from the fallout.

I have to admit, I like the bromance between Ian and Tony. THOSE TWO. Also, good thing Ian has someone to turn to when the tough questions need to be asked. Bromancing, FTW!

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