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Never Let Go by Katie Michaels [Review]

 Never Let Go by Katie Michaels
Never Let Go (A Lot Like Love #2) by Katie Michaels
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: February 24, 2017

A Lot Like Love
1. Feels Like Forever
2. Never Let GoKindle
3. Hold On Tight

Katie Michaels
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
After a devastating loss, Evelyn Sanders and Luke Rogers think the worst is behind them. They’re starting college with the world at their feet. But dreams of football glory and a happily ever after are shattered when past secrets blow up in their faces. They could have had it all, but some betrayals may be too much to forgive.

Every day it gets harder for Luke to control the rage growing inside him. Forged by his dark past, he's determined to turn himself around before he becomes the very thing he despises. He won't quit until he makes himself worthy of the woman he loves. But can he do it before she gives her heart to someone else?

There's another man waiting in the wings. One who's loved Evelyn as long as he has. One who has never hurt her. And Marcus is done waiting. Only Evelyn can decide if her future lies with her high school sweetheart or the guy who wants to mend her broken heart.
Thoughts on Never Let Go: I honestly didn't know which way I wanted this story to play out. On one hand, Evelyn and Luke were so darn good together in book 1 (even in the midst of all the angst and heartache). On the other, I REALLY like Marcus and how gentlemanly he is. I mean, I REALLLLLY like Marcus. He deserves a happy ending (snerk) and to have all his dreams come true.

Here's the sitch: when an incident from the past rears its ugly head, Evelyn and Luke run into some unexpected issues. Actually, it's more than one incident. Not only did Luke hurt Evelyn with his actions, but he's heading down a path that he really doesn't want to go down. One that jeopardizes everything he's built with Evelyn and puts him in a bad headspace.

When Ev and Luke take a break to deal with all the crazy, Marcus is there for Evelyn. He's there and he's a perfect gentleman and I REALLY LIKE THE GUY.

But I still dig Ev and Luke together. DO YOU SEE HOW THIS IS MESSING WITH ME? I want them all to end up happy and unless they jump on the creative loving train, it's not going to happen like that. *cries salty tears when no one is looking*

THAT SAID, I REALLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK. Possibly more than book 1, which I didn't expect because I liked book 1 a lot. Love, loss, heartache, and redemption are all rolled into one shiny package. I LIKE!

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